Food, Home and Personal Care Lines

A complete line helps optimise performance and decision-making across its lifetime, and Sidel is dedicated to meeting all of your needs. Our customised solutions combine engineering and PET packaging expertise with advanced technologies, while tailored services help maintain and improve performance. 

The EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool) offers intelligent 24/7 performance monitoring and helps you continuously improve line performance: 

  • Automated data-acquisition and line-monitoring system
  • Actionable intelligence at all levels, from day-to-day operations to business decision-making
  • AQ-Clock real-time measurement and audio voice messaging
  • User-friendly, modular and scalable solution  

An emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, and productivity

We make the effort to understand the specific requirements of your line in order to meet your goals and challenges. As a key player in the "Factory of the Future" movement, we complement our industry solutions with Agility 4.0 capabilities that bring smart factories to life. We are speeding up consumption behaviours to deliver solutions that will transform and enhance the nature of packaging production.