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EvoFILL HS Still

With its magnetic flow meter, elctro-magnetic valve and contactless filling, the Sidel EvoFILL HS Still is able to fill products with little or no conductivity with very high level of output, hygiene and precision.

The Sidel EvoFILL HS Still delivers high filling accuracy without product loss.

The dynamic filling thanks to the electro-magnetic valve is able to set limitless recipes with utmost flexibility as well as reduce the headspace of the bottle, in order to fill greater volumes. With its modular design, the EvoFILL HS Still can be used for water and a variety of still beverages such as flavoured water, juices and teas and can support future technologies:

  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • Contactless filling
  • All parts that come into contact with the beverage are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Fully automatic changeover
  • Reduced filler enclosure available - smaller filling environment with less chemical and water usage during external cleaning

Top three benefits

  • Top quality drinks
  • Superior performance
  • Improved flexibility
Flexible filling output rate that matches your production needs (EvoFILL HS Still)
(bottles per hour)
(number of valves)
 500 ml (still water)  91,000 bph  32 - 168


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