Efficiency Improvement Tool

Sidel's Efficiency Improvement Tool (EIT®) is a powerful software solution with built-in intelligence and operational insight for measuring, analyzing, improving and decision-making.

By monitoring production lines, from plant floor to business systems, and up to the Cloud, EIT® helps you meet your production daily challenges and bring productivity to higher levels from Operations to Maintenance and Engineering to Management. 

The system is a combination of web-based applications with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Manufacturing Information System (MIS) functionalities.

Operational benefits

  • Discovery of true efficiency loss sources
  • Detection of out-of-spec values.
  • Reduction of waste & energy costs.
  • Increase of line’s uptime and output.
  • Supporting tool for commissioning.
  • Close monitoring of vendors’ guarantees.
  • Leverage of best practices.
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