Combi SF300

The Sidel Combi SF300 combines blow moulding, filling and capping into a single integrated solution.

The Combi SF300 incorporates equipment from modular Sidel Matrix™ blowing and SF300 FM filling technologies with the advantages of the innovative Combi configuration, enabling bottling and filling of water and carbonated soft drinks with the utmost precision.

By combining several equipment types and production phases into one system, your line's efficiency is improved for a lower TCO. The Sidel Combi SF300 also includes:

  • A single Human-Machine Interface
  • Single-report and single-recipe management, with archived traceability
  • Automated operation, with combined blowing and filling architecture
  • Standardised operating procedures for lubrication, cleaning and audits
  • Aligned maintenance plans for entire system
Production output
Bottles sizes Production output 
From 0.1 L to 3.5 L  12,000 - 80,000 bph 


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