As packaging comes into direct contact with the beverage it must meet strict safety, hygiene and legislative requirements, without compromising quality.

The same is true for production equipment and services: every part has to be carefully designed and formed to meet these demands.

Ensuring food safety

Food safety is a prerequisite for responsible business. We work with all stakeholders across the supply chain to ensure quality and traceability − from sourcing raw ingredients, to manufacturing, filling and packing to distribution.

Our business is built with the aim of ensuring the safety and hygiene of our customers' products during the packaging process. Our in-house scientists, engineers and technicians are devoted to the safety and integrity of our customers' products. We also collaborate with Tetra Pak Processing Systems to give customers a reliable, complete solution for their beverages, from hygienic design to assembly, installation and maintenance support.

Anticipating consumer trends

One of today's major beverage industry challenges is anticipating tomorrow's trends. Understanding and predicting consumer needs is essential to our sustainable success.

From consumer research and dialogue we understand that sustainability issues are important, because consumers…

  • Will spend more on organic, locally sourced, fair trade, low-carbon footprint and eco-packaged products
  • Will pay a premium for a brand they can trust
  • Increasingly see the recyclability of packaging as an important ethical act
  • Expect sustainability in all aspects of the value chain - from sourcing to transportation
  • Want a great experience, every time
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