PET for a better planet

Thinking green, being sustainable and taking care of our planet - these objectives have become important to people all over the world. They are also qualities consumers expect beverage producers to consider.

Renowned worldwide for its strength, light weight and hygienic properties, PET is also 100% recyclable and the material can be reused again and again and again.

  • Safe & protective

    Safe & protective

  • Sustainable


  • Recyclable


  • Reusable


Scroll down and explore the many advantages of PET offers producers, beverages, consumers and our planet.
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PET: Reusable – again and again and again

  • A sustainable cycle

    A sustainable cycle

    Given a second life as fibre fill, clothing, building bricks and more, PET makes an ideal choice for sustainability-aware businesses.

  • Our ECO World

    Our ECO World

    Companies and people all over the world are making the most of PET and R-PET’s recyclability and sustainability opportunities.

  • A drink becomes a sport kit

    A drink becomes a sport kit

    Global sports brand, NIKE, used reclaimed PET bottles to produce yarn for high performance apparel.

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Solutions for a changing world

By 2030, the world will need:  

  • 50% more food
  • 50% more energy
  • 30% more water

 and today,  783 million people   have  no access to clean water  

PET can help!

  • 100% recyclable

    100% recyclable

  • Keeps liquid safe and fresh

    Keeps liquid safe and fresh

  • More lightweight, safer and cheaper than glass to transport

    More lightweight, safer and cheaper than glass to transport

  • The years of Sidel’s experience in PET packaging solutions

  • The number Sidel machines supplied in 190 countries

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    & Line design

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    Complete lines
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