PET bottles for better beverages and modern lifestyles

As the world's population continues to increase, beverage producers must meet the many varying demands of people all over the world. From tastes and environmental issues to safety and quality, consumers are leading the change.

PET solutions from Sidel can help you meet consumer needs and production targets.

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PET – the ideal solution for sensitive products

  • Tea in PET

    Tea in PET

    When Taiwanese beverage packaging manufacturer, Hon Chuan Enterprise, teamed with Coca-Cola to produce convenient herbal teas, the company invested in aseptic equipment from Sidel to ensure beverage safety.

  • Preservative-free juice in PET

    Preservative-free juice in PET

    Iranian beverage bottler Khosghovar became the first in the country to bring safe, preservative-free, 100% fruit juice to the market with a Sidel filling line.

Taking products from concept to consumer

3 ways to increase consumer recycling

  • Establish bottle deposits

    Establish bottle deposits

    Lobby local government to implement legislation

  • Recycling programmes

    Recycling programmes

    Be creative and launch incentives to inspire recycling

  • Integrate recycling

    Integrate recycling

    The best advertisements for recycling are products made from recycled material

At Sidel we supply complete lines & equipment

See how we can increase your productivity and lower your costs at the same time

  • Packaging
& Line design

    & Line design

    Our knowledge of your supply chain, packaging and production equipment enables us to help you choose the best production solution to suit your needs, helping you to increase productivity and lower costs.

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  • Complete lines
& equipment

    Complete lines
    & equipment

    Our portfolio spans complete lines for all beverage categories from blowers through to palletisers, as well as top performing standalone equipment.

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  • Continued line

    Continued line

    Our line improvement portfolio can help optimise your line today and into the future.

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