Unlock the value of PET with complete solutions from Sidel

PET makes good business sense. It is a reliably safe packaging solution that offers complete design freedom while ensuring production flexibility and efficiency.

Sidel can help you meet the challenges that modern beverage producers face. Through our complete line solutions for beverage packaging, you can improve your brand's power, reduce package weight, increase productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

  • Brand power
& lightweighting

    Brand power
    & lightweighting

  • Productivity


  • Total cost
of ownership

    Total cost
    of ownership

  • Flexibility
& modularity

    & modularity

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Low output aseptic solutions

Do you know your line’s true potential?

PET Lighter than ever

Thirty years ago a PET bottle weighted almost 30 grams. Now, a Sidel RightWeight™ bottle can weight as little as 7.95 grams.

Producers -heineken

Optimise production efficiency and enhance consumers’ needs

  • Sales up by 30%

    Sales up by 30%

    A Sidel Eurotronica FMc filler and a Starblend
    mixer helped Mexican corporation Innomex
    increase sales by 30%.

  • Short necks, big savings

    Short necks, big savings

    A Romanian bottled water company made the switch to short-neck bottles and ECO Ovens for big savings in electricity and PET resin.

  • Success from the bottom up

    Success from the bottom up

    A leading Lebanese water bottler used Sidel
    Matrix™ Combi line and a new bottle base
    design to increase production capacity.

With the increase in popularity of sensitive beverages, now is the time to take advantage of these natural and more nutritious drinks.
Sidel can make it possible!

  • A premium Brazilian dairy achieves success from switching from carton to PET with Sidel technology

  • Sidel Starlite™ is the best base to choose in terms of innovation, lightweighting and stability

  • Protecting beverages across the supply chain is challenging, but thorough testing in real-world conditions can ensure quality and safety

At Sidel we supply complete lines & equipment

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  • Packaging & Line design

    & Line design

    Our knowledge of your supply chain, packaging and production equipment enables us to help you choose the best production solution to suit your needs, helping you to increase productivity and lower costs.

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  • Complete lines & equipment

    Complete lines
    & equipment

    Our portfolio spans complete lines for all beverage categories from blowers through to palletisers, as well as top performing standalone equipment.

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  • Continued line performance

    Continued line

    Our line improvement portfolio can help optimise your line today and into the future.

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