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FlexiLoad™, automatic loading solution for cardboard magazines that eliminates MSDs

Operators generally spend over 50%, and sometimes as much as 80%, of their time feeding the cardboard magazine of a case packing system with consumables. Extremely time-consuming, this task is also a recognized cause of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Consisting of a 6-axis robot, a universal gripping tooling, and a PC–based software, FlexiLoad™handles magazine loading fully automatically for any high-speed case packing system, regardless of whether it processes American cases (RSCs - Regular Slotted Containers), wrap-around blanks or trays.


Launched in October 2015, the patent pending solution thus improves working conditions, and enables operators to devote their time to other, higher added value tasks. With FlexiLoad™, Cermex is addressing the requirements of industry by offering an innovative response that can enhance the ergonomics of both new equipment and also existing installed machinery, through a retrofit.

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