Glass top


Filled with maturity and status

100% recyclable, glass bottles are the traditional form of packaging for liquid beverage products, such as beer, soft drinks, wine and spirits. Although it is facing increased competition from newer packaging types, such as PET, glass packaging enjoys a high level of consumer acceptance and is perceived as a "premium" quality packaging format.


Sidel offers a range of high quality, reliable equipment and services for production of glass packaging in sizes ranging from 10 millilitres to 5 litres. All over the world, manufacturers rely on Sidel technology to create the glass packaging quality required by consumers while keeping downtime to a minimum.


Preventing damage and downtime

In recent years, lightweighting technologies have become more popular for glass bottles as a way of saving resources and cutting costs. As this increases the risk of shocks and breakage on the production line, Sidel offers manufacturers a number of tools and services to keep damage to a minimum and help manufacturers enjoy the full benefits of lightweighting.


For example, Sidel's AQ-File conveyor offers contact-free conveying of glass bottles. Developed around a simple operating principle, it allows bottles to be conveyed gently with no friction between the bottles or with the conveyor guides. This preserves the bottle and the label from any risk of damage or impact.


As part of Sidel's Line Audit service  , the electronic Shock Logger (add link to Shock Logger article) has been developed to assess line performance. The Shock Logger component is placed in a bottle and sent through the line to map the areas where bottles are at risk of pressure or shocks. The information created by the Shock Logger can be used to reduce downtime, improve line efficiency and product quality. 


In addition, glass bottles can be reinforced with a laminated coating of plastic to protect the bottle from stress or breakage.


With extensive experience in glass production, our team can advise on the best line for your needs and provide project management assistance at all stages of the project.