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Sealed to perfection

Beverage cans are popular around the world as packaging for soft drinks and beer. Composed of aluminum and tin-plated steel, can packaging is also highly popular for many food products, such as tomato sauce or coconut milk, because of its convenience and storage properties.

Unlike glass or plastic bottles, cans are not resealable and need to be consumed in one sitting or refrigerated. They are, however, light and fully recyclable, easily melted down and can be reused.

Sidel offers a range of high-quality, reliable canning equipment for filling, pasteurizing, can-drying, wrapping, palletizing and conveying. All lines have the flexibility necessary to produce cans in a variety of sizes at speeds of about 2,400 cans per minute. 

With extensive experience in canning production, our team can advise on the best line for your needs and provide project management assistance at all stages of the project.