Improve quality and flavour while preserving freshness

Juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics and teas (JNSDIT) are one of the fastest growing beverage segments worldwide, with healthier lifestyles, urbanisation and improved retail infrastructure all driving this development.

Body imageCurrently, PET is the material of choice for these beverages with 6% growth annually. Durable and lightweight PET gives beverage producers worldwide the opportunity to take advantage of this market growth and the exciting flavour varieties of JNSDIT.

No matter your beverage type, you need to protect from microbial contamination, keeping beverages bacteria-free without preservatives or additives. Whether it is still, high or low acid beverages, or those with or without pulps or particles, Sidel's unmatched expertise in PET helps you achieve more.

From standalone equipment or complete line solutions, we can work closely with you to provide solutions for aseptic or hot filling that make storage more convenient and eliminate the need for a cold chain. This ensures that you can bring any beverage safely to market without preservatives and with a longer shelf-life - all while preserving quality, taste and freshness.

Explore our beverage packaging solutions that expand possibilities for JNSDIT in PET:

Hot Fill Aseptic

A hot fill line pasteurises the liquid, killing any harmful organisms such as bacteria, moulds, and yeasts.

Hot Fill Bottle

  • Sensitive high-acid beverages (< 4.5 pH) are pasteurised between 95-110 °C to neutralise the microbiological state
  • Liquid is then held at this temperature for several seconds before cooled to between 80 to 92 °C for filling
  • After filling and capping, containers are laid on their sides to sterilise the caps and kill unwanted organisms
  • Bottles are rapidly cooled to less than 40 °C in a cooling tunnel with water to ensure product and vitamin integrity
  • Ambient stability and extended shelf life ranges between 6 to 12 months
  • Shelf life duration is determined by oxygen barrier sensitivity, storage conditions, as well as size and type of the beverage bottle  

At Sidel, we work with your exact beverage needs to determine the best complete PET hot filling solution. 

Sidel's ongoing technological innovations have significantly improved HR PET lighhtweighting and design opportunities. These solutions have also improved bottle quality and beverage production line efficiency. Discover our extensive range of hot filling possibilities and expand your JNSDIT production. 

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An aseptic filling line bottles the beverage product at an ambient temperature while preserving organoleptic properties and keeping it bacteria-free.

This gives your product a specific shelf-life without tunnel pasteurisation, hot filling, or the use of preservatives or cold sterilising agents. 


  • Beverage is briefly heated before filling
  • Container, bottle or preform, is sterilised
  • Container sterilisation can be wet or dry
  • Most traditional is wet and most innovative and sustainable is dry preform sterilisation

Sidel brings you all the benefits of PET aseptic filling solutions with dry preform decontamination. This unique solution ensures product integrity and cost efficiency and maintains production flexibility and sustainability. Discover our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services to ensure consistent quality for your JNSDIT beverages.


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