Food, Home and Personal Care


With consumer habits prone to rapid change, fast-moving consumer goods companies are constantly adapting to new challenges.

Sidel is on your side when it comes to meeting current and future trends and challenges, providing you with full agility through our flexibility and expertise.


Fulfil your marketing potential with PET

Within Food, Home and Personal Care (FHPC) products, such as hair care, oral care, skin care, dishwashing, surface care, laundry care or even sauces and dressings, differentiation and premium appeal are key. With PET, you can enhance product quality while embracing the branding opportunities made possible by innovative packaging solutions that perform optimally across the supply chain.


  • Wide range of colours, shapes and formats
  • Transparency ranging from full to opaque, and matte to glossy
  • Line-up capability for shapes, sizes and weights
  • Full capping customization
  • Robust and unbreakable
  • User-friendly, ergonomic
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Full squeezability


Get the most sustainable solution with PET 


Our experts help FHPC producers analyse their portfolios, determining improvement potential and demonstrating the savings that can be achieved by improving bottle design with sustainable PET.


Maximise cost-efficiency with PET


With Sidel’s FHPC solutions, you can maximise your production performance while reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and enjoying a range of benefits: 


  • High output
  • Industrial and standard platform for maximum reliability
  • Reduced raw material usage
  • Low maintenance and energy consumption
  • Multiple-SKU flexibility with quick changeovers
  • Improved OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), with maximum uptime
  • Minimised carbon footprint
  • Reduced storage, conveying and footprint with Combi blow-fill-cap system



PET vs HDPE - Weight difference1
Multipurpose cleaners (Avg. in g)


550 ml 36.5 27.7 -24%
750 ml 49.6 40.1 -19%
1000 ml 55.1 38.4 -30%