Achieve a lower TCO with your beer production

With increased flexibility comes cost savings

Beer optimised costsCalculating the total costs of ownership (TCO) across a production line, and indeed across a supply chain from raw materials to the consumer enjoying the final product, is difficult to do. At Sidel we understand your TCO goal, and the challenges to achieving it.


We aim to help you by offering a flexible, integrated solution that enables you to pick and choose the equipment and services you need, while benefitting from having a proven partner with 40 years of beer experience.


Sustainable solutions

Sustainability means different things to different people. For some, it's about saving the planet or improving the brand reputation, for others it's about saving costs. We understand it's often about all of this. Whether your goals are to simply optimise costs, or reduce water, carbon dioxide and energy consumption, we are confident of providing a customised solution to help.


 "The purchase or the upgrade of a line is a very heavy expense and we really wanted to rely on the input from Sidel's experts before making a final decision. The line audit performed by Sidel helped a great deal to build a solid business case."

- Carlsberg



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