Flexible beer solutions for better results

Turnkey or integrated solutions give you the greatest flexibility

Beer flexible solutionsThere are many parts of a beer production line. There are many suppliers who specialise in some, all or one of those parts. At Sidel we have our own beer equipment capabilities. Our core competence, however, is providing a complete PET solution for our beer customers, featuring our own world-class equipment and integrating other parts of the line from approved specialised suppliers when needed.


Proven box 1 40 yearsWe believe such an approach allows our customers to pick and choose the exact equipment that best suits their individual needs, while still benefitting from the advantages of a single, proven partner they can deal with directly. This also allows you to benefit from new technologies and innovations, from both Sidel and our approved partners, while maintaining confidence in the end result that can only come from a proven partner with 40 years of beer production experience.


"Sidel accompanied us along the way, not only taking responsibility for filling and the wet part of the lines, but as a coordinator of logistics and the dry part in general."

- Grupo Modelo


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