Skill Matrix assessment

Tailor training to your teams and needs

With Sidel Skill Matrix, you get an overview of your team’s skills, which lets you tailor training sessions accordingly. The matrix consists of a detailed, evolving roadmap of the competencies needed to run your line throughout its lifecycle. Skill Matrix provides you with a clear overview of each operator’s existing skill level and the tasks needed for optimum performance on each equipment.


Sidel Skill Matrix follows a 4-steps methodology, applicable to all staff involved in line production and maintenance:


STEP 1: Define detailed tasks needed to efficiently run your installed base

STEP 2: Adapt identified tasks to specific plant needs

STEP 3: Evaluate available skills with a Competence Audit and map the Matrix

STEP 4: Improve proficiency levels according to predefined targets


Once the mapping process is complete, a visual Matrix helps define your staff’s development path and prepare for turnover according to production, maintenance, and quality needs.


  • Benefits of Sidel Skill Matrix

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  • Enhance your team’s skills

    • Traceability of skill development – easily identify skill gaps and track progress
    • Improved staff motivation – Skill Matrix provides increased awareness of current skill levels and targets, leading to greater staff involvement in meeting targets
    • Global mapping of available resources and skills allows for higher standardisation for multi-site customers

  • Tailor training to your needs

    • Create internal, ad hoc tailored profiles
    • Prioritise skill gap developments for both teams and individuals according to production needs
    • Tailored training sessions for more efficient investment

  • Manage your resources more efficiently

    • Fewer training days required for staff already skilled in specific tasks
    • Staff identified in the Skill Matrix undergo training for identified tasks only
    • Faster training material availability for quicker start-up
    • Competence transfer enabling internal trainer’s capabilities

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