With a 24/7 user-friendly interface for spare parts and Options & Upgrades relevant to your line, Sidel Services Online makes it easier than ever to improve your line and maintain its performance. It provides practical, intuitive online access to your installed base, detailing every spare part and Options & Upgrades available for your line, along with easy access to relevant drawings, manuals and parts lists. This allows you to order parts quickly from your computer or tablet, and plan your performance optimisations with just one click.


Access all of your parts, explore your Options & Upgrades in detail, and receive professional support from the same engineers who build your line.  


Continuous line performance 

With Sidel Services Online, we continuously support your line performance by streamlining the way you manage spare parts and line improvement: 

  • One-stop shopping with 24/7 access and assistance, supported by Sidel's global supply chain
  • Order spare parts and part lists designated critical to line maintenance and productivity
  • Search and view all Options & Upgrades specific to your installed equipment
  • Reduced lead times on offers and orders




Sidel Services Online for easier spare parts management 

An intuitive interface for all your spare parts allows for even greater efficiency when ordering. You'll find that your latest Sidel equipment is catalogued and detailed within Sidel Services Online, including high-quality drawings and all applicable documentation available for download.  


With just one click, you can:

  • Access a full overview of your installed base
  • Intuitively navigate, identify, select and order the relevant parts to maximise your line's uptime
  • Get online information on availability, ordering quantities and prices to streamline the ordering process
  • Download part catalogues and manuals
  • Get information on intelligent parts replacement
  • Plan long-term replacement schedules based on equipment operating hours 



Sidel Parts Administrators  


Sometimes fast and easy spare parts ordering is not enough. You need an expert who can offer more information, consult and provide guidance to reach even higher performance. Sidel Parts Administrators are available to provide global support when you need it.  


  • Some examples of benefits of Sidel Services Online

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  • Access to your production sites

    Access to your production sites
    • Select sites and display an installed base
    • Search for a site, a line, or equipment

  • Overview of installed base

    Easy search

    • View line information and operating status
    • View equipment manuals and user manuals

  • Spare parts catalogues

    Spare parts catalogue

    • View bill of material and part number, and add items from maintenance/safety lists to your basket
    • View sub-assembly drawings with item numbers

  • Options & Upgrades overview

    Options & Upgrades overview

    • Boost product quality and productivity with innovative upgrades from the engineers who designed your line
    • Increase line efficiency through implementation of the latest technologies for streamlined processes and reduced environmental footprint

  • Shopping carts

    Shopping carts

    • Information about availability, ordering quantities and prices
    • Possibility to import or export shopping carts  

  • Easy search

    Easy search

    • Search for all Sidel spare parts or only those in your catalogue
    • View part applicability and sub-assembly drawings

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