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It pays to be proactive, so Sidel Services Online makes it easy to identify which parts require replacement, and when. With recommended part lists tailored to each piece of equipment in your line, our intelligent replacement system helps you to manage your inventory, plan ahead and avoid costly emergencies, resulting in lower TCO and peak efficiency.


The most critical parts always on hand

We offer all of our customers a maximum availability rate for strategically critical parts, and your tailored "intelligent" part list is regularly updated to reflect your historical needs and the evolution of our equipment portfolio.


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Recommended parts lists for preventive maintenance

These are part lists recommended by Sidel for use in upcoming overhauls, delivered according to production schedules ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 hours.


Refurbishment services

As part of preventive maintenance, Sidel also provides customised refurbishment services for your critical sub-assemblies to increase equipment availability. When maintenance is needed, you can replace the set on your machine and send the old parts to Sidel. Our engineers refurbish the set of parts according to Sidel standards and send them back to you. All while the equipment is running and with recertified service warranty terms.


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