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Spare Parts & Logistics

Best quality parts delivered on time

When it comes to your production, speed is of the essence and every little bit of uptime saves you money. That's why you need the best quality parts, delivered on time in full - parts that work right away and for a very long time. And as an original equipment manufacturer with an installed base of over 30,000 machines, we can deliver on your every need.


Spare_parts_frontMore value where you are

At Sidel, we know what is needed to keep your production lines running optimally. Our Spare Parts & Logistics services provide parts for all types of Sidel equipment and complete lines worldwide. Wherever you are, we meet you with more value for your beverage packaging production: Increased uptime, reliability, product quality and safety - all at the lowest total cost of ownership. 








High quality parts fit for your production

Our spare parts are designed, tested and certified by the same Sidel engineers who designed your machine, ensuring the best original quality. Supported by a world-class 24/7 supply chain, we can get them to you when you need them - or even before, to maximise uptime and minimise downtime as much as possible. 

No matter the age of your equipment, we can provide you with a full parts solution. This includes upgraded versions of older or obsolete parts. We also provide four types of recommended spare parts lists for strategically critical parts and preventative maintenance.




Facts & Figures:

  • 165 years of experience
  • 30,000+ installed machines in 191 countries
  • 24/7  stock availability
  • 1,000 orders every day (1 order every 2 minutes)





Learn how our spare parts and logistics services can create smoother production processes: