Packaging optimisation

Reduce packaging weight while maintaining performance

Raw materials can account for as much as 70-80% of a bottle's cost. That's why lightweighting bottles and caps, or making labels thinner, can lead to substantial savings. Even the smallest design alterations can have a big impact on your environmental footprint as well as your total cost of ownership due to a more effective use of resources and lighter transport loads - without compromising on bottle quality.


Our capabilities include:

  • Rightweighting, not just lightweighting
  • Finite element analysis and quality testing
  • Top load, fill-point drop, lateral gripping, hydrostatic pressure and vacuum, denting, and gas pressure analyses


Determining the right weight for your package

Sidel RightWeight stand alone bottleIn optimising your package, we prefer to talk about rightweighting. This means that even though the package weight is reduced, your final bottle is still strong and true to your brand. We assess the design complexity versus the targeted specifications (covering bottle weight, line output and energy consumption, etc.) and can advise you on what is needed to achieve the desired qualification and optimum durability.


Rightweighting could actually bring more than EUR 1.3 billion a year in savings to the beverage industry. Calculate how much you could save here.


Sidel RightWeight: 34% lighter with 32% more top-load

Our Sidel RightWeight™ 0.5 litre bottle for still water weighs just 7.95 grams, yet offers a superior consumer experience. 34% lighter than the average commercial bottle and with 32% more top-load performance, this innovative bottle concept offers:

  • Less weight and fewer costs while still ensuring an attractive design
  • Beverage quality protection throughout the supply chain
  • Increased customer attention and satisfaction
  • Energy savings during production
  • Optimum line performance