Liquid-Package Analysis

Liquid-package interaction analysis

There’s no compromise on beverage safety

Light, oxygen and temperature can all influence the quality of your end products. So our liquid-package interaction experts perform laboratory tests under simulated conditions using different packaging in order to determine the most effective and safest packaging solution. 

Quality in every package
To preserve the integrity and quality of your products, we have two unique aseptic R&D labs in Parma, Italy and Octeville, France. Our scientists are able to understand the behaviour of beverages in different packaging, and conduct extensive compatibility analyses to find the most suitable packaging materials, sizes, shapes and caps. 

They simulate real-life conditions across the product's lifecycle, from the factory floor all the way to consumers' homes. While accounting for the recipe, processing parameters and production conditions, they test the package over time in essentially two ways:
  • Objectively through physical and chemical testing
  • Subjectively by sensory analysis (i.e. taste testing)
The result is a package that maximises product quality and shelf life.