Packaging Services

Helping you get more value out of your packaging

Packaging_3secs_to_chooseIn a world of severe competition and rising material and energy prices, consumers have many demands and most of them have to do with the package itself. They expect ergonomic designs, quality protection and a brand that stands out. But packaging isn't only about the consumer experience. Your bottle also needs to improve line efficiency and product safety, be sustainable and reduce costs - all with a fast time to market.



Benefits across your supply chain

By looking holistically at the packaging - the interplay with the liquid inside the bottle and the world outside the bottle - we can create value at every phase of your supply chain:

  • Raw materials: Use fewer raw materials for your bottles, caps and labels
  • Package development: Take standout designs to market quicker
  • Production:  Lower TCO with efficient yet flexible production while minimising consumption and protecting safety
  • Distribution: Withstand the harsh conditions of transportation using less fuel with durable and light, high-quality packages
  • Point of sale: Differentiate your brand and boost sales with products that look great at the point of sale
  • Consumption: Offer a drinking experience in line with consumer expectations: food safety, taste and ergonomics
  • Recycle:  Reduce costs and environmental footprint as PET can be reused and reshaped again and again


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One stop for all your packaging needs

At Sidel, we have your range of needs covered, from design all the way through to production and on-going packaging optimisation:

  • Packaging and Preform Design:Turn your creative ideas into an industrial reality
  • Packaging Qualification:Ensure your products perform in the real world
  • Liquid-Package Interaction Analysis: Determine the most suitable beverage packaging
  • Packaging Optimisation:Reduce packaging weight while maintaining performance


What's more, our Line Conversions & Moulds services can help you do more on your lines in any possible shape, for new lines or existing ones. And for complete lines, we can help you get new products or bottle designs to market as fast as possible with the lowest possible TCO.


Facts & Figures:

  • 300+ packaging experts, engineers and designers
  • 5 packaging centres worldwide: China, Europe, India, Latin America and North America
  • 4 testing and R&D laboratories in France and Italy
  • 30 years of expertise working with PET