Preventive Maintenance

Prevent problems before they happen

Don't wait until a stoppage or breakdown occurs. Sidel's preventive maintenance services work with you along the production line to highlight where equipment will wear over time. By closely monitoring equipment functionality and pre-planning downtime, you can identify and isolate potential issues, make flexible repairs and extend equipment life without a lengthy production shutdown.


Our customised preventive maintenance packages can help you predict production costs, extend equipment life and maintain performance over time.


Maintain performance targets over time with:

  • Customised preventive maintenance agreement
  • Spare parts packages for overhaul
  • Diagnostic visits
  • Maintenance supervisor
  • Maintenance execution team
  • Refurbishment kits
  • Visual level 1 maintenance guidance

Find out how our Diagnostic Visits can help you assess your equipment and improve your performance.

See how our Spare Parts & Logistics services can optimise your production.