Turn costly downtime into profitable uptime

When every second of downtime affects your bottom line, reliability and efficiency are essential. Equipment is a large investment, and with the increasing demand for greater output and greater variety, your line's ability to perform consistently is the key to production success.


At Sidel, we understand your specific needs. From the first day of production to the billion-bottle mark, our global team of experts are always available to help you maintain, regain and improve reliable operation and get the best possible return on your investment. Once your line is up and running, our support continues every step of the way.


Ensure the longevity of your entire lineMaintenance_3-step-graph



Our experts are available worldwide to provide strategic planning and customised maintenance, helping you predict and resolve issues far before they affect production. This helps you avoid unexpected costs and improve your performance targets.


At Sidel, we work with you to maintain, regain and improve performance across the lifetime of your line. We optimise line performance with a dedicated maintenance portfolio that covers each of these 3 important phases.

Maintenance portfolio
Maintain: Regain: Improve: