Maximise availability for reliable production

When a single second of downtime affects your results, reliability and efficiency are essential. We work with you to keep equipment working reliably and safely, tailoring maintenance according to your unique needs and preserving asset value across the entire equipment lifecycle.


At Sidel, we understand how to match increasing demand and dynamic consumer trends. From your first bottle to your billionth, our global team of experts is available to help you maintain performance and get the best return on your investment.

  • Ensure continuity and efficiency
  • Minimise unscheduled stoppages, downtime and emergencies
  • Maintain safety standards and final product integrity

When it comes to your business, our Maintenance services help you to:

  • Meet production targets and deliver safe, high quality products
  • Control maintenance costs over time for optimal TCO

Maximise availability for reliable production



Our experts are available worldwide to provide strategic planning and tailored maintenance solutions.

Optimise maintenance with our dedicated portfolio, including: