Options and upgrades

Add-ons that add value to your business

To keep your equipment updated over time, our options and upgrades (O&U) bring the benefits of the latest packaging technology to your existing lines. This can result in increased uptime, reduced costs and greater overall production flexibility. 
  • Options: New functionalities to optimise flexibility and costs
  • Upgrades: New technologies to improve performance, safety, functionality, hygiene and energy savings
A match for every need
In total, we offer over 500 options and upgrades for every step of the production process, from blow moulding to product preparation, rinsing, filling, pasteurisation and washing. On top of this, around 40 new solutions are launched every year to better meet our customers' needs.

To access our options and upgrades catalogue and search for the solutions you need by machine type or theme, please click here:
O & U portal

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Obsolescence Line Improvement Solutions for Blowers:
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Obsolescene Line Improvement Solutions for Fillers:
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