70% of energy consumption during production occurs at the blower

It pays to take a look at it closely

Every watt of electricity and every gram of PET resin you reduce can lead to substantial cost savings, and lower your environmental footprint. That is why we focus our innovations where they have the greatest potential to improve your line.


Our experience in complete lines and equipment, and our packaging expertise, have enabled us to develop solutions that boost your line performance while saving on costs, materials and electricity, resulting in an efficient and sustainable production process.   


Upgrade and save

When you choose from our complete ECO Booster portfolio, Sidel engineers come out and examine your line and provide you with a fully customised solution. Customers all over the world have already experienced the sustainability and savings benefits by upgrading to more efficient systems and technologies.


Immediate benefits:

  • Reduced material use and electricity consumption
  • Running cost minimisation
  • Faster return on your investment

Explore our ECO Booster portfolio and learn how you can achieve sustainable and more cost-efficient production:



See your savings potential

Take a closer look at your blower and uncover the hidden savings. An ECO Audit is a customised report tailored to your needs. It shows you exactly where you can save the most and also reduce your environmental footprint 


An ECO Audit helps identify potential savings

  • Analyses blower production conditions
  • Identifies potential electricity, heating and air savings
  • Lists cost- and energy-saving upgrades

Discover the hidden savings


Improve your blowing process and decrease consumption

Blowing often wastes air pressure and electricity. Precise and calculated adjustments help you remove unnecessary costs and enhance your blowing process. Our ECO Process can identify exactly where you can improve your heating profile, reduce electricity consumption and conserve air.  



  • Heating by up to 15%
  • Air pressure by up to 10%

Discover where can you save by:

  • Replacing worn parts
  • Optimising nozzle raise-up
  • Minimising blowing time
  • Reducing distance between components


Smarter air use along the line

In your production process, it's your blower that uses most air. Reusing this air provides an ideal opportunity to lower costs and improve your sustainability profile. 


Up to 45% air savings

An Air Recovery Kit (ARK) provides an additional circuit and single assembly for pre-blow, blowing and exhaust. You can save up to 45% of the air normally lost during degasification and store it at the foot of the machine for later use.   


ECO Air improvements can:

  • Decrease dead volume and reduce compressed air up to 40%*
  • Combine nozzle and valves to improve efficiency
  • Recover and reuse up to 45% of air

* Based on Universal blowing blocks on Series 2


Do more using less PET 


A strong product can also be lightweight. With durable and distinctive design innovations, your bottle can stand out on the shelves and cost less to produce.


Sidel _eco _bottle _img _rw _alone

Sidel Rightweight™

Improve bottle performance and reduce material costs

  • 34% more lightweight than the average commercial bottle
  • Uses up to 40% less PET raw material
  • Excellent durability, design and performance benefits

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Sidel _eco _bottle _img _starlite _still _water

Sidel Starlite™ base

Provide a more resistant bottle with less

  • Requires up to 25% less air pressure during blowing
  • More stability and resistance
  • Greater design flexibility

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Use up to 40% less PET resin

Find out how much you can save in material with a shorter bottle neck and a lighter bottle. With every gram of PET you reduce on a 0.5 litre bottle, you could save €350,000 per year.*


Try our packaging calculator to discover your bottle's full potential.   


* Based on SBO 20 Universal S2, running at 6,000 hours of production per year with a PET cost of €1,600 per ton.


Produce more efficient heat with less power

More precise heating concentrates power in exactly the right places. By optimising the distribution of heat onto the preform you can maximise electricity usage, increase savings and lower your environmental footprint.


Use up to 45% less electricity through:

  • Improved zoning and neck protection
  • Fewer lamps
  • Self-cleaning ceramics
  • More focused reflectors

Upgrade to an ECO Oven

Beverage producers all over the world have reduced energy consumption and increased performance with a more sustainable cost-saving solution for their blower. See how the ECO Oven has improved their production and bottom line. 


Combine ECO Lamps and Top Reflector

Save up to 30% in electricity by combining your upgrade. You can increase radiation with fewer ECO Lamps and redirect more heat with adjustable Top Reflectors for an improved TCO.