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Original Sidel Moulds

Ensure optimal package performance in any shape

We have a full range of moulds engineered for the most demanding production speeds and tested to protect your liquids during production. All of our original moulds are made by the same Sidel experts who designed your machines. They can help you reduce breakdowns, improve operator usability, optimise long-term production and maximise food-grade beverage safety.


Sidel_moulds_with_bottleCertified to fit and function

At Sidel, we believe in testing and testing again to ensure our moulds deliver the performance you need. Our moulds are:

  • Thoroughly tested to perform to specifications, using real-world mechanical analysis tools and virtual stress simulations
  • Qualified for maximum uptime
  • Warrantied to last


Shaping the advantage

Precisely engineered in high-quality aluminium or stainless steel, they can be adapted to all generations of Sidel blow moulders, offering great freedom of shape, quick and easy changeovers, and high safety and product quality. Whatever the age of your equipment, we can provide you with a full moulds solution.


Did you know that with Sidel's Modulomould™ technology you can easily create several different bottle designs on the same line, with quick 30-second changeovers? Click here if you would like to know more.