Legal notice

This page contains all legal information regarding the operation of the website.

About the site

This page contains all legal information regarding the operation of the website.

Sidel International AG
Corporate Communication
Bösch 67, 6331 Hünenberg

Ownership and responsibility
The website is owned by the Sidel Group.

The Sidel Group is responsible for all information contained on the website.
However, the Sidel Group is not responsible for content found on:

  • External websites to which Sidel's website provides a link; or
  • Websites that reproduce content from without Sidel's authorisation.

Note: Sidel does not authorise any reproduction of material for websites that contain controversial, pornographic, hateful or otherwise inappropriate material and such sites are prohibited from including a link to

Respecting copyright law
All online content on the website is covered by applicable copyright law. 

Thus, any reproduction of content made without the prior consent of Sidel is prohibited.
If you wish to reproduce any content from, please email your request to our webmaster. Please include:

  • The content you wish to reproduce; and
  • The website on which you wish to reproduce the information. 

Once you have been authorised to reproduce any website content, you must include the following legal acknowledgements:

  • Insert an icon representing the Sidel Group website: to obtain an icon, please email your request to our webmaster;
  • The author's name (if provided);
  • Include the reference: "...published on the Sidel Group website -". This reference will provide a direct link to the content on Sidel's website; and
  • At the bottom of all reproduced content, include "All rights reserved."

Exception for news releases
News releases found on the website are free of copyright.

The information can therefore be reproduced, without restriction, partially or in its entirety, insofar as the information is accompanied by all mandatory legal acknowledgements.
The Press section on the website is free of copyright. All news releases can be reproduced without prior consent.

Using site content
Content on Sidel's website must be used solely for personal, associative or professional purposes. Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly forbidden.

In general, it is preferable to include links to Sidel website contents rather than a full reproduction of contents, which must remain as limited as possible. 

Links to content
The website authorises other Internet websites to include links to its contents. 

This authorisation is valid for any site except for those containing material that is controversial, pornographic, hateful or otherwise inappropriate, as further outlined under "ownership and responsibility" above.

Processing personal data/ Data Protection Act 

We, the Sidel Group, appreciate your interest in our products and your visit to or to any of our other websites.

If you have a request for information or would like to submit information to us, please go to our Contact site and complete the appropriate form. If the contact relates to a specific geographic market, we encourage you to contact the relevant local Sidel office directly. You will find links to all local Sidel offices on the Contact site.


The types of information we collect

Sidel will not collect any personal data about you (e.g. your name, address, or e-mail address) through the Websites without your knowledge and/or consent.

In order to respond to your questions or provide you with specific information which you have requested or applied for via the Contact site or other web forms, we will ask you for your name, address and e-mail address.

We consider your submission of such personal data to be your express written approval of us collecting such data for the purpose of contacting you via e-mail in order to respond to your request or application.


How we use and keep the information

We may use and keep the information collected on this Website to respond to your requests (via mail or e-mail, as applicable), in compliance with our legal obligations and/or as otherwise permitted by law to protect our legitimate interests.

If you provide information to us, we will not disclose it to any third party without your express consent or as permitted by applicable law. We may share your information with other Sidel companies, for the sole purpose of responding to your questions or application, fulfilling your requests or providing you with requested information.


How we protect your information

We maintain organisational, technical and physical standards to safeguard and protect all your information against unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration or destruction.

You have the right to gain access to, rectify, modify or delete your personal data. You may exercise this right with regard to any personal information about you collected by 

- By sending an email to our webmaster; or

- By writing to us at the following address: Sidel International AG, Corporate Communication, Bösch 67, 6331 Hünenberg, Switzerland.


The information in this website contains general descriptions of technical options available, which do not always have to be present in each individual case. The required features should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract.