Sidel offers a number of competitive solutions for layer-by-layer palletising with low- and high-level infeeds at medium to high speeds, with a strong focus on maintaining product integrity. Solid construction, using energy-saving design, quality components and dependable control systems permit safe, efficient handling of all kinds of liquid packages.


All layer-by-layer palletisers are designed to accommodate space-saving requirements and facilitate easy access to equipment for manual adjustments or maintenance. Several layer-preparation methods, including advanced robotic solutions, are available for specific product or space requirements.

Explore our layer-by-layer palletisers and find the right solution for your needs:

Low-Level Infeed High-level infeed SINGLE-LINE INFEED




The low-level infeed palletisation was among the first to be developed and is still extensively used today. Sidel offers two types of palletisers with this technology, specialised to overcome the usual limitations of speed and energy consumption:

  • Pal-Kombi enabling speeds of up to 8 layers/minute, optionally with in-line infeed.
  • Pal-Pack 4000 series, entry level solution, enabling speeds of up to 5 layers/minute

Pal-Kombi and Pal-Pack work with all kinds of packages including crates, cartons, trays and shrink-wrapped packs.


  • Benefits

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  • Smooth and reliable operation

    • Productivity at any speed and pattern configuration by smooth product flow at the palletiser infeed and between two product runs
    • Quick automatic format changeovers
    • Control of the operations whenever disturbances are detected

  • Robust equipment for longer uptime

    • High-quality materials, durable guide systems and high-standard of components manufacturing for increased lifespan and reduction of maintenance costs and downtime

  • Easy to use and maintain

    • Floor-level location, modular design and ergonomic construction allow easy use and maintenance
    • Human machine interface (HMI) touch screen for direct control over different system parameters

  • Increased sustainability with Pal-Pack eco-design

    • Recyclable equipment and design towards minimal energy consumption

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Available upgrades for additional precision and flexibility
Palletising software Pal Designer™ can be used for instant pattern design and monitoring of the output of Sidel's layer palletisers, with precise calculation of speed and row formation. See more here.


The traditional layer formation through collisions can be replaced by the more gentle and compact robotic solutions AxoSmart™ and RoboSmart™ supplied in various configurations depending of the infeed speed. For more information, click here.  


Technical data
Pal-Kombi Output Pal-Pack Output
up to 8 layers/min up to 5 layers/min




In addition to the high throughput of up to 11 layers/minute, this inline palletiser optimises energy and floor space with care even for the most delicate packaging. It handles all types of packages including cartons, trays, shrink-wrapped bundles, hi-cones and mid-cones.


  • Benefits

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  • Inline palletising that considers your product

    • High-level infeed method with inline layout of the pallet flow for optimal floor space utilisation and high output
    • Constant speed to avoid collisions and shocks
    • Various package rotation methods, i.e. pack rotation from the side, below or from above

  • Rigid structure and safe maintenance

    • Main frame of steel sheet profiles and a service platform ensure direct access to the palletiser for inspection, cleaning and maintenance
    • Operator safety devices set to stop the machine in case of product misplace or opening of the door to the equipment
    • Automatic parachute-type device to protect products on the pallet in case of lift fault

  • Real-time control

    • Movement and malfunctioning control by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • System parameters managed through a control panel in real time

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Available upgrades for additional precision and flexibility
Palletising software Pal Designer™ can be used for instant pattern design and monitoring of the output of Sidel's layer palletisers, with precise calculation of the speed and row formation. See more here.


For extra sensitive packaging or products, or in case of room constrains, RoboSmart™ robotic layer preparation can be considered in place of conventional layer preparation methods. Read more.


Technical Data
Pack size limits Output Pallet load capacity Pallet size Pallet height (including empty pallet)
130 x 190 to 550 x 450 mm up to 11 layers/min    6746 kg  1250 x 1250 mm 2000/2400 mm



The standardised industrial solution maximises space and uptime with proven components and smart design. The palletiser handles various secondary packaging types, including RSCs, wrap-around blanks and shrink-wrapped packs used in food, beverage and hygiene markets, with maximum payload of 250 kg. Its maximum output rate is 23 packages/min or 1-2 layers/min. 


  • Benefits

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  • Compact & Reliable design

    • Standardised industrial design
    • Limited machine downtime

  • Low price-performance ratio

    • Minimal maintenance with quick and simple operation
    • Easy to use
    • Servo-driven, step-by-step row-forming via electronic spacer
    • High productivity and return on investment

  • Additional modules for high flexibility

    • Automatic layer-card insertion and empty-pallet infeed
    • Integrated pallet-wrapping
    • Automatic outfeed of loaded pallets
    • Motorised conveyors

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Available upgrades for additional precision and flexibility
Pal Designer™ palletising software can be used for instant pattern design and monitoring the Sidel layer palletiser´s output, with precise calculation of speed and row formation.