Sidel's complete portfolio of depalletisers reflects the requirements of liquid-packaging production using reusable containers. We offer high-quality layer-by-layer, gripping, columnar, and robotic depalletisers for handling complete layers or individual containers. Our equipment's modular design and easy operational control both improve the availability and efficiency of your line to ensure desired output. 

Explore our portfolio of depalletising solutions:



Sweepoff A&B
Low- and high-infeed level depalletisers Sweepoff A&B

Based on a proven layer-by-layer technology, these full-automation depalletisers handle bottles and cans on all types and sizes.


Two solutions are available, depending on output and outfeed requirements:

  • Sweepoff™ A for high-infeed level, with output reaching up to 7 layers/min; especially well-suited to liquid packaging lines operating at up to 144,000 cans/hour
  • Sweepoff™ B for low-infeed level of medium speeds up to 3 layers/min, suited both for PET or glass

Both types of depalletisers are available in two different configurations for adaptation to specific line layouts and desired pallet-outfeed dirctions.


  • Benefits

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  • Fully customisable solutions

    • Suitable for both low- level and high-level containers outfeed
    • Layout flexibility with two outfeed configurations
    • Accommodates different pallet sizes and heights
    • Automatic changeovers for product height for Sweepoff A
    • Different magazine configurations according to raw materials requirements

  • Easy to operate

    • Simple-supervision operation
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Quick and easy format-changeover in less than a minute

  • Optimised design

    • Discharging-table speed adjusted to container characteristics
    • Table length adjustable according to the line speed
    • Compact machine with adaptable layout

  • Sustainable solution

    • High-efficiency drives
    • Low air consumption by pneumatic system
    • Low noise level

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multifunctional depalletising robot for packs, bottles and crates

The advanced robotic solution boasts a variety of applications: depalletising of kegs, loose bottles and crates; stacking and unstacking of empty pallets; crating and uncrating; and pads-insertion. 


With the right end-of-arm tool, this robotic depalletiser handles crates, packs and loose bottles with maximum output from 450-550 cycles/hour depending on the load.


  • Benefits

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  • Multi-purpose application

    • 4-axis robotic configuration makes it possible to replace equivalent traditional machines
    • Different gripping heads with high rigidity for handeling bottles and packages, as well as pad-insertion 

  • User-friendly and quick control

    • Quick format-changeover times due to automatic head-change
    • Single-operator control

  • Ergonomics and maintenance

    • All operations and critical parts accessible at floor level
    • A dedicated tool area enables operators to carry out preparation and/or maintenance activities on individual offline heads without disrupting robot's operation.
    • Low total cost of ownership with optimised resource consumption, and long uptime 

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Depal Kombi™ Gripping
high-performance depalletiser for plastic crates 

Depalletisitaion occurs at the beginning of every returnable-bottle filling line, so it requires stable performance. Sidel's gripping depalletiser was designed for smooth, dependable handling of heavy crate layers, with an output of up to 10 layers/min.


  • Benefits

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  • Customisable solution

    • Conveyor modularity fits well into any line layout
    • Infeed conveyor-guides and gripping heads suited to different layers or pallet sizes
    • Available in two outfeed-layout configurations
    • Low or high-level outfeed setup
    • Adaptabie to any crate dimensions 

  • Safe, smooth operation

    • Pneumatic parachutes prevent layer-fall in eveny of power failure
    • Protection safety-guard surround machine
    • Manages higher level of accumulation

  • High-performance setup

    • Accurate layer-positioning reduces the handling cycle
    • Telescopic trolley saves time during pallet change


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This is a heavy-duty machine with an output of up to 8 layers/min. Depending on the chosen gripping head, it can depalletise crates, cartons, loose bottles, shrink-wrapped packages and kegs. 


  • Benefits

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  • Suitable for a variety of applications

    • Low- or high-level depalletising with vertical lifting arm
    • Quick automatic changeovers without mechanical intervention

  • Sustainable solution with long lifespan

    • Quality components for maximum durability and safety
    • Steel-column structure and lifting arm designed for heavy-duty operations 

  • Ergonomic design

    • Easily accessed at floor level
    • Compact footprint to be adapted to existing lines
    • Transparent panels for direct monitoring 

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Technical data
Output Payload
  5.8-8 layers/min up to 750 kg 




The depalletiser has a modular, standardised design for optimal efficiency and an output rate of up to 1.5 layers/min. An integral system enables total control over operations through an operator-friendly terminal. 


  • Benefits

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  • Flexible, optimised design and operation

    • Control across 2, 3 or 4 axes depending on pallet pattern, output and layout
    • PLC-controlled motor components for precise, repeatable movements
    • Modular, standardised design with frame supports, allowing for full access and flexible positioning

  • Various gripping methods adapted to product requirements

    • Magnetic head for metal cans and drums 
    • Inflatable grippers for bottles
    • Vacuum plate for packs and empty jars
    • Suction cups for cases and boxes
    • Side clamps for crates and rigid trays

  • User-friendly control

    • Operation assisted via operator terminal with touchscreen management
    • Easy selection and creation of pallet patterns and pallet-counter
    • End-of-production controls
    • Head and time-delay adjustment

  • Additional equipment upon request

    • Layer-deposit table and product-separating conveyor
    • Full-pallet accumulation conveyors to optimal infeed flow
    • Empty-pallet outfeed conveyors
    • Remote-control panel
    • Strap-cutter

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