The energy and maintenance optimisation of your bottling production can only be completed with a proper end-of-line solution. Sidel's single-column palletisers EvoFlex™ and Robo-Column™ come with a simple main structure adaptable to any speed, space or infeed level constraint. With focus on strength and performance, these palletisers can ensure outputs of up to 10.5 layers/minute and weight as high as 750 kg depending on the configuration.


The pallet patterns and packaging to be handled may be of any type, including crates, cartons, shrink-wrapped packages, loose bottles, kegs and plastic trays.

Discover which columnar palletisers best suits to your needs:





This single-column solution is available in several variations to match the infeed level and speed you need. It can be used for various packages and secondary packaging including crates, American cases, wrap around blanks, shrink-wrapped packs and trays. The optimised design puts this palletiser among the fastest in its category with an output up to 10.5 layers/minute at low total cost of ownership (TCO).


  • Benefits

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  • Wide range of configurations with one main structure

    • Columnar structure with lifting unit for layer discharge permits operations at any infeed level without compromising performance
    • Dual-lane infeed solution has a double lifting unit on a single column to enable high speed
    • Possible to use as a depalletiser

  • Low total cost of ownership

    • Designed for optimal consumption of air and energy
    • Sturdy column structure, reinforced driving belts and reduced component groups ensure less frequent maintenance
    • Control panel for a quick access to all system parameters enables end-of-line operations controlled by one operator 

  • Smooth and gentle packaging handling

    • Suitable as an inline solution to protect your packages from additional shocks
    • Reduced risk of product damages through layer transfer by inertia instead of using a pusher
    • Fluid conveying and accurate positioning of the product ensured by belt conveyors with high friction
    • Automatic changeover within less than a minute

  • Accessible and compact

    • Single-column with a small footprint easily adapted to the site constrains
    • Directly monitored and readily accessed at floor level

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Sidel's upgrades for additional precision and flexibility
Sidel offers Place & Pal Designer™ software for place programming and pallet pattern management for full autonomy. Learn more here


In addition, gantry and 6-axis robots can boost your layer preparation speed and precision. See Modular Layer Preparation solutions to find out how.

A full range of applications using one standard structure: 

  Packs and Cases Crates
Max speed layer/min 8 7 10,5 7 9
Infeed level High Low Low
  Sidel_picture_evoflex_table_5 Sidel_picture_evoflex_table_1 Sidel_picture_evoflex_table_2 Sidel_picture_evoflex_table_3 Sidel_picture_evoflex_table_4




RoboColumn is an automatic palletiser suitable for speedy operations with high payload. Supplied with a gripping head in various configurations, it can handle all kinds of liquid packaging, including crates, cartons, shrink-wrapped packages, loose bottles, kegs and plastic trays.


Its compact construction finds various applications due to the wide working area, columnar structure and modularity. 


  • Benefits

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  • One optimised design with a variety of applications

    • Adaptable for both low-level and high-level infeed palletising due to vertical movement of the working arm
    • Suitable also as a depalletiser due to rotations of the column and the motorised wrist

  • High precision and fast changeovers

    • Automated movements in three axes numerically programmed and controlled at up to 450 cycles/hour of payloads up to 750 kg
    • Quick automatic changeovers without mechanical intervention

  • High safety and sustainability standards

    • Components manufactured for maximal durability and safety
    • Steel column structure and lifting arm designed according to the greatest distortion in heavy-duty operations 

  • Accessible and compact

    • Small footprint to be adapted to existing lines
    • Directly monitored through transparent panels and readily accessed at floor level

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Upgrades for additional precision and flexibility
Sidel offers Place & Pal Designer software for place programming and pallet pattern management enabling full autonomy to the user. Learn more here


Robo-Column™ may be coupled with positive pack handling solutions for layer preparation RoboSmart™ and AxoSmart™. Explore these possibilities here.


Technical Data
Output Payload
  5.8-8 layers/min   up to 750 kg