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Operators can spend as much as 80% of their time feeding the cardboard magazine of a case packing system with consumables. As well as from being time-consuming, this task is also a recognised cause of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).


To eliminate the need for manual magazine feeding, Sidel developed FlexiLoad, a 6-axis robot for blank loading with a number of benefits. It is suitable for any case packing system, regardless of packaging type and speed.


  • Benefits

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  • Investment in working conditions that pays off

    • Increases operator availability from 20-50% to up to 90% while reducing the negative impact on operator's health
    • Generates logistics savings by increasing the pallet height capacity of loading

  • Highly compatible and compact autonomous system

    • Easily fitted to new installations and existing lines of medium to high speed (above 25 boxes/minute) due to small footprint and independent control
    • One gripping head per packaging family: suction cups for American cases and grippers for wrap-around blanks and trays

  • Reliable robotic solution with operator-friendly control

    • Detection system for packaging position on the pallet and in the magazine
    • Operating cycle corrected in real time according to the detected data
    • New formats independently created and implemented by the user
    • Supplied with additional system for cutting, extracting, and removing of strap

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