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Maintain constant full-speed production with cold-glue labelling solutions

Sidel cold-glue labelling solutions for pre-cut labels can accommodate a range of container types and processing speed of up to 80,000 bottles per hour. 


Sidel Cold Glue for the following liquid types:


HPC chemicals wide






Cold Glue machineThe Sidel Cold Glue labeller is an automatic rotary labelling machine designed to process pre-cut paper or metal foil labels for a variety of container types at medium to high speeds up to 80,000 bottles per hour.

The labeller may apply the label on any part of the bottle - body front and back, neck and shoulder. Available as a standalone dedicated solution, the Cold Glue labelling station may also form part of the flexible Sidel SL90 labeller. This option includes the Rolladhesive labelling station to apply self-adhesive pressure-sensitive labels as well.



  • Why to choose Sidel Cold Glue:

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  • Ergonomic and reliable design

    The Cold Glue labelling station has an ergonomic design and compact footprint. This system is exceptionally reliable, even under extreme production conditions, such as 24-hour operation and high temperatures.


    • The carousel is characterised by its sturdy transmission, while the stainless anti-corrosion treated steel machine structure delivers increased robustness
    • Innovative design features linear motor drive technology, eliminating the need for gears or pulley
    • The lower carousel features servomotor-driven platforms for round and irregularly shaped bottles
    • Easy access allows operators to control the entire labelling process
    • Operator safety is improved with patented Sidel safety guards and pneumatically-assisted doors that open independently




  • Precise glue application, less material waste

    Glue rollers transfer glue onto the pans or pallets. The glue is then applied directly to the backside of the pre-cut labels. A wiping drum equipped with grippers transfers the label from the pad to the bottle and a brush presses the label into place.


    • Precise label application and stretching help to minimise material waste
    • Optimised machine parts increase the station's overall efficiency in terms of energy and material use
    • The glue-pallet roller's interaxial adjustment ensures the precise amount of glue is applied
    • The station applies and wipes labels with high precision



  • Simple format changeover and maintenance

    The compact footprint design of the Cold Glue labelling station allows the operator to control all labelling processes with simple changeovers and maintenance procedures.

    • Complete changeovers in 27 minutes for dedicated machines with one label; the glue module in just 12 minutes
    • Optional automatic label magazines have a compact footprint
    • Anti-corrosive stainless steel construction simplifies maintenance and increases durability
    • Easy access to all components enables safe and efficient maintenance procedures
    • Eco-friendly, highly efficient and short cleaning times


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Range overview
Labelling station Bottle diameter Label lengths Label height Maximum speed*
Cold Glue 50 -120 mm 20 - 195 mm 20 - 120 mm 80,000 bph
*Depending on label lenghts


Cold Glue Sidel labelling

  • How to increase the efficicency of your labellers?

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  • Customise your labeller configuration

    • Icon labelling option1Conveyor:In line, in parallel with 3 star-wheels, in parallel with 4 star-wheels in "U" shape, "L" shape
    • Positive or negative spin
    • Tamper evident applicator
    • Label coding devices:Ink-jet, laser
    • Empty bottle pressurisation
    • Shrinking tunnel: For Roll On Shrink On (ROSO) labels

  • Improve your labeller flexibility

    • Icon-clockSMAR™ cutting system:Label's aesthetics and material savings are improved.
    • Label reel auto-splicing:Continuous film feeding system avoids labeller stoppage.
    • Motorized labelling station height adjustment:Labelling station position is defined from the Human Machine Interface for faster changeover time.
    • Adjustable feed screw:The feed screw position is adjusted to the bottle dimensions for maximum stability and pitch control.

  • Keep your top labelling quality

    • Icon_cogLabel detection:The labeller is stopped when a label remains on the vacuum drum.
    • Vision system:Bottles are correctly oriented before label application on a specific area at high speed.
    • Three channel distributor:The positive control and release of the label during application improve labelling quality.
    • Changeover storage cart:Customised parts are well ordered, easily located and picked out. 

  • Enhance your labelling efficiency

    • Icon_bottlesGlue fumes extractor:The elimination of the glue fumes increases the labelling station performances and keeps a cleaner production environment.
    • Guides for lightweight bottles:The bottles keep stable to maintain consistent efficiency by avoiding frequent labeller stoppages.
    • Cutting system Upgrade (ELAU): The higher tolerance to label imperfection allows better labelling efficiency.

  • Reduce your labeller maintenance

    • Icon_settingGlue filament extractor:Glue particles and vapours are removed to reduce vacuum drum cleaning.
    • Belt transmission:Only the belt needs to be replaced which reduces maintenance costs. The format changeovers managed from the operator panel are fast.
    • Automatic greasing of the vacuum drum:The automatic lubrication operations avoid labeller stoppage for maintenance.
    • Quick release platform:The platform design with simplified assembly reduces changeover times.

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