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Make your brand stand out with flexible and cost-effective shrink sleeve labelling


Today, shrink sleeve represents around 20% of labelling production and is one of the fastest growing formats. The increasing use and success of this heat-shrink sleeve label is largely due to its potential to provide far more branding opportunities than conventional labels.


Sidel Rollsleeve for the following liquid types:







The potential for the shrink sleeve label to be more customised and eye catching is key to influencing the consumer purchasing decision and ensuring a significant impact on your product's success.

Rollsleeve SleeveThe shrink sleeve labels adapt to any surface with no restrictions on container shape. At the same time, it is especially suitable for lightweight containers. The label sleeve can function as an effective seal and can also serve as a light barrier to protect the liquid. With heat shrinking, no traces of glue are left on the bottle, simplifying the recycling process.

In developing the Rollsleeve labeller, Sidel focused on the branding opportunities shrink-sleeve labels present. In addition to its potential for delivering reduced operating costs, the Rollsleeve labeller combines the simplicity of Sidel consolidated roll-fed technology with an innovative, high-speed shrink sleeve process in one single machine.


  • Why to choose Sidel Rollsleeve:

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  • A unique and patented label application  

    Compared to traditional Transversal Direction Orientation (TDO) where sleeve labels are already formed in tubes on the reel, Rollsleeve applies labels with a Machine Direction Orientation (MDO).

    • Rollsleeve is one of the fastest sleevers on the market, running at speeds up to 54,000 bottles per hour
    • It applies MDO labels where final tube creation and welding are performed directly in the labelling machine
    • Containers are located on individual rotating sleeve drums that lift them up
    • Once precisely cut with the rotating knife, the labels are transferred from the vacuum drum to the cylindrical drums. They are wrapped and maintained with a vacuum.
    • Labels are closed edge to edge and sealed with innovative impulse sealing welding bars, without using glue
    • The sleeve drums holding the bottles are then lowered into the pre-formed sleeve labels
    • A vision system can be added for sleeved and roll-fed bottles for specific label positioning



  • Efficient and top quality labelling  

    Coupled with the huge benefits of its flexibility and labelling quality,  Sidel Rollsleeve incorporates a string of technological advances.

    • A single rotating knife ensures a very precise sleeve cut
    • The automated vacuum system delivers 20% higher precision in label quality and application
    • Long-life single rotating cutting blades increase stability and control
    • Perfectly accurate and resistant welding, suitable to a wide range of film materials and thicknesses, creates no visual or tactile flaws after shrinkage


  • Quick payback  

    By using MDO film, the Sidel Rollsleeve can generate costs savings up to 30% and reduce environmental impact. A full payback on investment can be achieved in just 18 months from the savings on label material costs alone (compared to a TDO film of the same label thickness, with a throughput of 200 million bottles per year).

    • Costs related to sleeve forming are unnecessary
    • Lowering containers into sleeves without movement or stress enables the handling of labels up to 50% thinner than TDO or other MDO roll-fed machines
    • Creation of tubular sleeves in the machine means less material is used, drastically reducing label cost. Logistics costs are also reduced as a reel of high shrink MDO film contains 3 times more labels than a TDO reel
    • Can process lightweight bottles
    • Sleeve seaming is completed inside the machine so no glue or solvents are used, making PET recycling much easier
    • There is no detrimental impact on the machine's efficiency and the equipment stays cleaner and more hygienic, while maintenance is reduced

  • Flexibility of containers, films and layout  

    The Rollsleeve can easily switch from sleeved to roll-fed labelling using classic hot-melt applications with fast and efficient changeover times. It also offers great flexibility in terms of containers and labelling materials.

    • Labels all types of containers from glass to plastic and on round or irregularly shaped containers
    • Suitable for bottle sizes up to 2 litres with diameters ranging from 50 mm to 100mm
    • Sealing system is compatible with a wide range of label types such as PET, PVC, PE, R-PET, PLA, OPS, PP etc., with thickness ranging from 15µm to 130µm, and is suitable for recycling
    • Equipped with a module to selectively position labels at predetermined heights on bottles (from 50mm to 230mm), it can apply full- or partial-body sleeves 
    • Can be installed in various configurations



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Range overview
Bottles format Bottle diameter Sleeve height Sleeve thickness Maximum speed
Up to 2 litres 50 - 100 mm 50 - 230 mm 15 - 130 µm 54,000 bph
*bottles per hour - Maximum mechanical output rate, with a speed up kit, according to the bottle's features



Shrink sleeve Sidel labelling

  • How to increase the efficicency of your labellers?

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  • Customise your labeller configuration  

    • Icon labelling option1Conveyor:In line, in parallel with 3 star-wheels, in parallel with 4 star-wheels in "U" shape, "L" shape
    • Positive or negative spin
    • Tamper evident applicator
    • Label coding devices:Ink-jet, laser
    • Empty bottle pressurisation
    • Shrinking tunnel: For Roll On Shrink On (ROSO) labels

  • Improve your labeller flexibility  

    • Icon-clockSMAR™ cutting system:Label's aesthetics and material savings are improved.
    • Label reel auto-splicing:Continuous film feeding system avoids labeller stoppage.
    • Motorized labelling station height adjustment:Labelling station position is defined from the Human Machine Interface for faster changeover time.
    • Adjustable feed screw:The feed screw position is adjusted to the bottle dimensions for maximum stability and pitch control.

  • Keep your top labelling quality  

    • Icon_cogLabel detection:The labeller is stopped when a label remains on the vacuum drum.
    • Vision system:Bottles are correctly oriented before label application on a specific area at high speed.
    • Three channel distributor:The positive control and release of the label during application improve labelling quality.
    • Changeover storage cart:Customised parts are well ordered, easily located and picked out. 

  • Enhance your labelling efficiency  

    • Icon_bottlesGlue fumes extractor:The elimination of the glue fumes increases the labelling station performances and keeps a cleaner production environment.
    • Guides for lightweight bottles:The bottles keep stable to maintain consistent efficiency by avoiding frequent labeller stoppages.
    • Cutting system Upgrade (ELAU): The higher tolerance to label imperfection allows better labelling efficiency.

  • Reduce your labeller maintenance  

    • Icon_settingGlue filament extractor:Glue particles and vapours are removed to reduce vacuum drum cleaning.
    • Belt transmission:Only the belt needs to be replaced which reduces maintenance costs. The format changeovers managed from the operator panel are fast.
    • Automatic greasing of the vacuum drum:The automatic lubrication operations avoid labeller stoppage for maintenance.
    • Quick release platform:The platform design with simplified assembly reduces changeover times.

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