Filler FM 700 top


Electronic volumetric flow meter control increases the accuracy for hot filled beverages

With its magnetic flow meter, the Sidel Matrix Filler SF700 FM is able to fill PET bottles with still, pulpy beverages or those containing particles with the utmost precision and reducing beverage waste.


Sidel Matrix Filler SF700FM is suitable to fill still beverages such as:

JNSDIT_pulpy beverage



The Sidel Matrix Filler SF700 FM delivers high filling accuracy with quick changeovers and its external tank that holds the beverage is easy to clean, saving time.

2 filling valves are available:



Grid version Plunger version
  • For still beverages
  • Generates less foam
  • Ensures 10% higher filling speed
  • For still and pulpy beverages 
  • Pulps and fibres up to 1x10mm


  • Benefits of Sidel Matrix Filler SF700 FM

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  • Top product quality

    • Integrated and separate electro-pneumatic components
    • No vertical movement of the bottles
    • External beverage tank
    • Contactless filling
    • Reduced filler environment under positive pressure (HEPA filters)
    • CIP automatic dummy cups

  • Consistency across multiple configurations

    • Upgradable platform to manage greater flexibility
    • Grid valve for still beverage and plunger valve for pulpy
    • Integrated Slurry Doser (ISD) configuration: double stage filling for beverages containing particles

    Dosing valve function:

    • Pressure-less and volumetric dosing system
    • Volume measuring due to gravity pressure from the tank
    • No particle residue left in valve mouth
    • Conical valve - no contact
    • No filling tube - no dripping
    • High accuracy and no product push-back
    • No product leakage as a result of optimised valve design


  • Advanced robustness and reliability

    • Oversized and sturdy structure
    • Modules of proven reliability

  • Optimum uptime and highest productivity

    • Up to 98% efficiency
    • 30% less downtime for maintenance
    • Fully automatic changeover

  • Sustainable solution

    • Smaller filler enclosure available - smaller footprint with less chemical usage
    • Reduced electrical consumption using servomotors

  • Strict hygiene

    Production of top quality beverages requires conditions of strict hygiene. Reuced filler enclosure improves food safety and reduces usage of chemical agents.

    • Sidel Matrix - reduced filler enclosureFilling environment covers only the space around the valves
    • Takes up 80% less space than traditional enclosures
    • Environment controlled by pressurised filtered air
    • Low consumption of chemical agents for external cleaning
    • Self-draining surfaces



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Flexible filling output rate that matches your production needs
Bottles size Max production output
(bottles per hour)
Range (number of valves)
500 ml   60,000 bph 32 - 108