Sidel Matrix 100 top

Sidel Matrix Filler SF100 FM

Volumetric flow meter control suits also low conductivity beverages

With its vortex flow meter, the Sidel Matrix Filler SF100 FM is able to fill products with little or no conductivity with the utmost precision.


Sidel Matrix Filler SF100FM is suitable to fill still beverages such as:








The Sidel Matrix Filler SF100 FM delivers high filling accuracy without product loss and its external tank that holds the beverage is easy to clean, saving time.

A double-speed, filling valve is also available to reduce the headspace of the bottle, in order to fill greater volumes.





  • Benefits of Sidel Matrix Filler SF100 FM

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  • Top product quality  

    • All parts that come into contact with the beverage are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L
    • Integrated and separate electro-pneumatic components
    • No vertical movement of the bottles
    • External beverage tank
    • Contactless filling
    • Reduced filler environment under positive pressure (HEPA filters)
    • CIP automatic dummy cups

  • Consistency across multiple configurations  

    • Upgradable platform to manage greater product flexibility
    • Double-speed filling valve available to reduce headspace of the bottle
    • Vortex or magnetic flowmeters available

  • Advanced robustness and reliability  

    • Oversized and sturdy structure
    • Modules with proven reliability

  • Optimum uptime and highest prodcutivity  

    • Up to 98% efficiency
    • 30% less downtime for maintenance
    • Fully automatic changeover

  • Sustainable solution  

    • Reduced filler enclosure available - smaller footprint with less chemical usage
    • Reduced electrical consumption using servomotors

  • Strict hygiene  

    Production of top quality beverages requires conditions of strict hygiene. Reduced filler enclosure improves food safety and reduces usage of chemical agents.


    Sidel Matrix - reduced filler enclosureFilling environment covers only the space around the valves

    • Takes up 80% less space than traditional enclosures
    • Environment controlled by pressurised filtered air
    • Simple and clean design
    • Low consumption of chemical agents for external cleaning
    • Self-draining surfaces

    Along with the filler, Sidel Integrated Cleaning System (ICS) allows optimisation of the space, resulting in:

    • Quicker cleaning process
    • Fewer CIP agents
    • Reduced consumption of energy and chemicals

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Flexible filling output rate that matches your production needs
Bottles sizes Max production output
(bottles per hour)
Range (number of valves)
500 ml (still water)  81,000 bph 32 - 120