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Filling machines for Juices, Teas and Sport Drinks

Already one of the fastest growing beverage markets, the JNSDIT segment is expected to grow by a further 6% by 2016, with an increase of 75 billion packaging units. There are several trends driving this demand including healthier lifestyles, increased income and urbanisation and improved retail infrastructure. 
With its exciting variety of flavours, this segment has a truly vast potential.  Sidel has the solutions along with the market and design know-how to ensure you can handle beverages correctly with the optimal tailored PET packaging - PET is already the material of choice for 40% of these beverage types and growing in popularity.
Sidel is supporting bottlers facing chanllenges of:
  • Beverage safety
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Reduced TCO

Choose the most suitable filler machine for JNSDIT bottles and for beverages with particles according to production output:

For JNSDIT bottles
Output rates 81,000 bph 60,000 bph
Filler type

Sidel Matrix SF100 FM

Sidel Matrix SF700 FM



SIDEL MATRIX SF100 FM - cold fillingSM SF100FM_1200

With its vortex flow meter, the Sidel Matrix Filler SF100 FM is able to fill products with little or no conductivity with the utmost precision.

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SIDEL MATRIX SF700 FM - hot filling

With its magnetic flow meter, the Sidel Matrix Filler SF700 FM is able to fill PET bottles with still, pulpy beverages or those containing particles with the utmost precision.

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Sidel Matrix Combi Predis Fma

Predis™ is a unique, proven dry preform decontamination solution built on a long history with sensitive products, impressive aseptic expertise and innovative PET technology that goes unmatched in the liquid packaging industry.

Predis is supplied mainly in a Combi configuration including preform decontamination, blowing, filling and capping. This technology is used by many major beverage and dairy companies and Sidel Combi Predis™ FMa  is the beverage industry standard for aseptically producing PET packaging for teas, juices, nectars, isotonics  and liquid dairy products (such as UHT milk or soy milk).


PET packaging expert & pioneer

Sidel has driven this amazing material's transformation into a flexible packaging solution that offers huge benefits through environmental friendliness, and economically through energy and water efficiency savings. Our three decades of work with PET has also fine-tuned its production reliability, productivity and package quality benefits.