Customised to your product and layout

Sidel has proven experience in creating and integrating complete, custom-built turnkey packaging lines. Regardless of the type of PET package or layout constraints, Sidel designs and supplies the right solution to meet your production objectives, and includes the right end of line solutions.


Customised to your product and layout

With our comprehensive global expertise, knowledge and understanding of beverage production lines, Sidel is able to propose customised end of line solutions and services adapted to your product, your line specifications in terms of layout, output and flexibility. 

Sidel works with you to analyse your production line and its overall design down to the smallest details that influence performance. We evaluate the best end of line solution to achieve the highest line reliability and flexibility with equipment allowing you minimised floor space requirements, easy access to the different equipment, easy format change-over, and low maintenance.


High efficiency, low costs

When Sidel supplies complete line solutions, we assess how to maintain the line performance and reduce the complexity as a whole.  This is why we work to achieve the greatest overall equipment efficiency and lower operational costs by integrating ergonomic and compact end-of-line solutions. 

  • Sidel offers proven experience combining its extensive know-how in mechanical engineering, automation and controls to define optimised handling and conveying solutions capable of regulating your complete line as a single system.
  • Wrapping and packing solutions may include traditional and robotic technologies capable of multiple production speeds. They can handle a variety of film and cardboard secondary packaging types. 
  • Customised and efficient palletising/depalletising solutions cater to all speed requirements for all beverage applications and containers. 
  • Crating and decrating technologies available for all types of beverages and containers, for various secondary packaging configurations (carton, cases, and plastic crates) operating at all speed ranges.