Predis celebration

Record year for Sidel's dry preform decontamination technology

More proven and safe production worldwide with Predis™ technology

The revolutionary, the original, the trusted

More than 15 years ago, Sidel was the first company to recognise that it was simpler and safer to decontaminate the preform rather than the bottle. Since the launch of the breakthrough Sidel's Predis dry preform decontamination solution, it inevitably soon become the accepted standard for the beverage industry. 


The doubling of Sidel Predis sales compared to last year

Sidel Predis sales have grown steadily as companies throughout the world have recognised the benefits it brings. Today, Sidel enjoy a leading position with this proven beverage production technology. The doubling of Predis sales compared to last year highlights a clear endorsement of this unique technology by many major beverage and dairy companies, many of which are producing leading brands.


Food safety for all beverages applications worldwide

Sidel Predis systems have been installed in a wide range of beverage applications:

  • Juice and ready-to-drink beverages
  • Isotonics and functional drinks
  • Mineral, flavoured and coconut waters,
  • Liquid dairy products including UHT white milk

This production versatility of this solution goes even further as it has been used in the following production environments:

  • Aseptic
  • Ultra clean

To match with the flexibility required by those different applications, Sidel Predis has been sold in various equipment configurations, mainly in the Sidel integrated aseptic blow-fill-cap Combi Predis FMa, to protect beverage products' integrity and safety, for high- or low-acid applications, distribution at ambient temperatures, while generating cost savings.


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  • The right technology for major brands worldwide


    In addition to new customers who adopted this technology to ensure safety in their production processes, there were also numerous repeat orders in 2014. 

    In addition to new customers choosing this technology, major beverage brands throughout the world are placing repeat orders for new projects to ensure they too comply with the hygienic design requirements for safe beverage and liquid dairy production.

  • More than 20 billon safe bottles produced worldwide


    With more than 20 billion safe bottles produced worldwide to date and more than 90 production lines equipped with preform decontamination, Sidel has achieved customer satisfaction that is the best indicator of the reliability of the technology. In 2014, the new projects for Sidel Predis came from all over the world, from China to South East Asia, from Europe to the Americas.

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