Make savings with your aseptic production



Did you know that you can safely produce any kind of high or low acidity beverage in aseptic conditions with both cost-effective and environmental benefits?  You can simply achieve this while ensuring food safety with the Sidel integrated blow-fill-cap solution including dry preform decontamination: the Sidel Combi Predis™ FMa. It ensures 100% sterilisation of your packaging using no water and almost no chemicals. It is designed to protect the integrity and safety of your products while generating cost savings for your business.


No need for any water and almost no use of chemicals compared to traditional aseptic filling systems which require approximately 180 cubic metres of water and 220 litres of chemicals per day for wet bottle rinsing. Even compared to dry bottle decontamination, Sidel aseptic Combi Predis FMa cuts annual costs by up to 30%.  


As bottles are blown from decontaminated preforms, the empty bottle does not undergo any thermal stress. This makes it possible for the designers to have total design freedom for the bottle. The continuous by-the-neck transfer of the bottles and the absence of thermal stress also mean there is no limit in terms of bottle lightweighting which offers further potential savings.


The aseptic Combi Predis FMa is designed to ensure food safety while being simple to operate and maintain. It keeps a completely aseptic filling environment with no need for cleaning for continuous production of up to 120 hours. With a quick and easy format and liquid changeover, a simple three-hour cleaning and sterilisation period is all that is required between bottle-to-bottle productions.