Sidel Matrix Predis dry preform decontamination

Reliable and flexible aseptic beverage production

Predis™ is a unique, proven dry preform decontamination solution built on a long history with sensitive products, impressive aseptic expertise and innovative PET technology that goes unmatched in the liquid packaging industry.


The preform is decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) before being heated in the oven, which activates the H2O from the existing preform-heating stage and achieves a high level of decontamination. This results in a reduced risk of peroxide residue remaining within the preform. The same dry decontamination technology is applied for caps with Capdis™.


Predis is supplied mainly in a Combi configuration including preform decontamination, blowing, filling and capping. This technology is used by many major beverage and dairy companies and Sidel Combi Predis™ FMa  is the beverage industry standard for aseptically producing PET packaging for teas, juices, nectars, isotonics  and liquid dairy products (such as UHT milk or soy milk).


Predis is now available in a configuration that is compatible with the latest generation of Sidel Matrix equipment. With all the innovations of the Sidel Matrix blower generation, plus the continuous technical improvements of our dry preform decontamination solution in recent years, the new Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa offers the beverage industry:


  • the fastest aseptic solution with dry preform decontamination on the market
  • the best total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising on simplicity or on food safety
  • a high level of process flexibility combined with reliability, environmental and cost benefits.


  • The benefits of Sidel Matrix Predis

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  • Flexibility for beverage producers

    Matrix Predis 2The Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa offers total flexibility with maximum uptime. Many beverage recipes can be produced in PET bottles, in various bottle shapes and sizes, without compromising on production rates or lightweighting possibilities.



    Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa is:

    • suitable for a wide variety of sensitive beverages of high and low acidity in PET like teas, juices, nectars and isotonics, as well as liquid dairy products such as UHT milk or soy milk
    • suitable for beverages distributed at ambient temperature (aseptic production configuration) or in cold chain (ultra clean production configuration)
    • available for a wide range of bottle formats, ranging from 0.2 to 2 litres
    • producing up to 60,000 bottles per hour, a 20% output increase compared to the previous Sidel blower generation with Predis
    • available for low to medium output up to 16,000 bottle per hour; the low-speed Combi Predis FMa is extremely versatile and very easy to install in order to achieve a quick ramp up, therefore a timely commercial production.


    Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa also offers beverage producers:

    • total bottle design freedom because the empty bottle is blown from a decontaminated preform and does not undergo any thermal stress
    • simple, fast and safe changeovers with electrical stretching
    • reduced downtime for liquid changeovers: a simple three-hour cleaning and sterilisation period between two bottle-to-bottle productions
    • possibility to apply a large range of flat and sports caps

  • Saving money and resources

    Compared to traditional aseptic filling systems, the new Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa offers cost-efficiency and an optimal environmental footprint:

    • Matrix Predis 1No water and almost no use of chemicals to sterilise the preform compared to traditional aseptic filling solutions
    • Because of the absence of thermal stress on the bottles and continuous by-the-neck transfer, there is no limit in terms of bottle lightweighting
    • Optimised production requires only one operator, reducing operating costs by up to 30% compared with standalone equipment
    • Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa has improved productivity with an higher overall output based on the same number of blow moulding stations compared to the previous generation of Sidel aseptic Combi (output up to 2,300 bottles per mould per hour)
    • Reduced electrical consumption by up to 45%: Sidel Matrix Ecoven requires fewer heating modules and lamps and reduces preform-heating time

  • High levels of safety and simplicity

    The Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa is designed to ensure food safety, product integrity and a longer shelf life for sensitive products without using preservatives. It is also simple to operate and maintain.

    • Aluminium foil is no longer required due to the tightness closure (rigidity of the PET bottleneck combined with caps specifically designed for aseptic packaging) completed with the Combi Predis FMa Capdis: protecting against micro-organisms for excellent food safety
    • Production and maintenance operations are improved as the simplified design has fewer transfer wheels making it more compact and more accessible
    • Efficient external preform decontamination with increased output as the oven is equipped with new, more powerful UV lamps
    • Improved air management in the oven
    • No sterile blower is required as the dry H2O2 preform decontamination is located before the oven and avoids any recontamination
    • Improved production environment safety as only relevant parts retained in blowing area
    • Fewer manual interventions required with automatic decontamination of the surfaces of transfer wheel

  • 165 hours of continuous aseptic production

    Matruix Predis smallThe Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa offers the longest aseptic bottling uptime available on the beverage market.





    • A completely aseptic filling environment with a continuous production run of 165 hours between two cleaning and sterilising cycles
    • Quick and easy format and liquid changeover: a simple three-hour cleaning and sterilisation period is required between bottle-to-bottle productions
    • Equipment can benefit from a longer lifespan with less maintenance, as components are subjected to less stress through fewer cleaning and sterilisation cycles

  • Low output Combi Predis FMa Blow-fill-cap system

    The low output Combi Predis FMa Capdis leverages Sidel unrivalled aseptic dry-preform and cap technology for those who need flexible aseptic PET packaging production at lower speed for small batches prior to a wide-scale roll-out, small volumes for regional markets or niche markets or for dairy applications.

    • A perfectly adapted packaging solution in terms of speed for a competitive advantage, benefitting from the latest continual developments in hygienic design, improved flexibility and ergonomics, with no compromise on quality or reliability.
    • A standard output of 12,000 bottles per hour for a 1L bottle, it can run up to 16,000 bottles per hour for smaller bottle formats
    • A bottling solution suitable to fill any kind of still or pulpy beverages, both products of high and low acidity, bottled in all common volumes required by the market - between 200 ml and 2L
    • Ultra-compact footprint to facilitate its implementation in new or existing plants. The reduction up to 30% of the footprint of the integrated PET blow-fill-cap solution compared with existing linear solutions, lessens the constraints of line layout
    • Its linear design allows for parallel packaging machines, which is a typical layout in the milk industry
    • With its special plug-and-play conception, on-site installation is simpler and faster and can be managed in 'hidden time' while installing the rest of the line
    • Despite its compact design, the platform remains ergonomic and straightforward. Good accessibility to the machine's key components has been maintained, allowing operators to maintain and manage it easily


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    Did you know that you can safely produce any kind of high or low acidity beverage in aseptic conditions with both cost-effective and environmental benefits?  You can simply achieve this while ensuring food safety with the Sidel integrated blow-fill-cap solution including dry preform decontamination: the Sidel Combi Predis™ FMa. It ensures 100% sterilisation of your packaging using no water and almost no chemicals. It is designed to protect the integrity and safety of your products while generating cost savings for your business.

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