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Dry preform decontamination

Predis™: proven benefits for your business with dry preform decontamination

Predis™ is a unique, proven dry preform decontamination solution built on a long history with sensitive products, impressive aseptic expertise and innovative technology that goes unmatched in the liquid packaging industry. In aseptic Combi Predis™ FMa configuration, this is the best solution to meet the growing demands for teas, juices, nectars and isotonics that are increasingly filled aseptically as well as liquid dairy products such as UHT milk or soy milk.   


Using no water and very few chemicals, Predis™ dry decontaminates preforms to ensure total food safety and a longer shelf life for products, without the use of preservatives. This aseptic solution allows any bottle shape or size to be practically produced using fewer materials and creating lighter packages. Not only does Predis™ optimise production simplicity, requiring only one operator, but by reducing operating costs by up to 30%, it also offers an impressive return on investment. 

This unique technology is also available for cap decontamination with Capdis™ in a Combi configuration with Combi Predis™/Capdis™ FMa 


Worldwide success

Since its existence on the market, Predis™ is already a worldwide success. Over 5 billion bottles have been produced all over the world with the 70 dry preform decontamination systems sold thus far, generating immense cost savings and sustainability contributions. 600 million litres of water and 1 million litres of chemicals have already been saved.


Read more about the 15 years success of dry preform decontamination here. 



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