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To comply with the specific requirements of crate conveying, Sidel's solutions boosts durable, practical design and limited maintenance requirements.


Chain conveyors are specifically designed for demanding working conditions:

  • Heavy-duty, reinforced stainless-steel construction
  • Open, modular design without retention area, for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Standardised components with extended service life
  • Interface side-chains replace transfer plates to avoid line stoppage or crate damage 

Auxiliary conveying equipment
For adaption to specific on-site configurations, our conveyors can be supplied with additional devices for crate sorting, turning, inclining and declining: 


 Crate turner

  • Reliable 2-lane turning rubber-coated rollers and speed differentials
  • No spacing required between crates

Crate divider

  • Gentle handling of crates by rubberised chain and plastic upper guide
  • Available in two different configurations: 1/2 or 1/3 transfers
  • Sturdy design and low noise level

Inclines & Declines

  • Smooth inclines and declines up to 30%
  • Ends equipped with curves to avoid angles