Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700

Improve efficiency with an integrated solution

The Sidel Hot Fill Combi integrates heat-resistant blowing, hot filling and capping within a single enclosure to achieve top bottle quality and beverage safety while optimising production efficiency.


Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 for:





The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 incorporates the very best of our modular Sidel Matrix eHR blowing and SF700 filling technologies with the advantages and benefits of a Combi configuration. It produces high-quality hot-filled sensitive beverages like juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics and teas (JNSDIT) with the utmost PET-packaging safety possible.


IMG_300x250px_3 PET bottles are produced via a heat-resistant, stretch blow-moulding process, commonly referred to as "HR" (heat resistance), which can withstand high hot-filling temperatures. The process centres around higher preform reheating capability and the blowing of bottles in hot moulds (around 120°C). Bottle mould heating, traditionally carried out with oil, is instead managed via electrical resistance to ensure consistently high bottle quality. The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 offers numerous operational benefits in terms of production flexibility, performance, safety, cost-efficiency and sustainability.


  • The benefits of the Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700

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  • Production flexibility


    The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 can bottle a wide range of products, whether high- or low-acidity, with or without particle content:

    • Grid valve for still beverage
    • Plunger valve for products with small pulp and fibres up to 1 x 10 mm
    • Integrated Slurry Doser (ISD) configuration - double-stage filling uses a volumetric bit-dosing turret for beverages with particles, fruit content, sacs or fibres measuring up to 10 x 10 x 10 mm (pulpy juices, flavoured waters with fruit pieces, even aloe vera- or coconut-based drinks)
    • PET containers in sizes from 200 mL to 2 L
    • Fast bottle format changeovers
    • Fully automatic beverage changeover
    • Capable of operating at production rates up to 52,000 bottles per hour
    • Upgradable platform lets customers take advantage of future technical developments

  • Enhanced bottle quality


    The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 uses the latest generation of mould heating with electricity instead of oil. It also benefits from the most recent Sidel technologies used in regular production of PET bottles, including:


    • Electrical mould heating for increased bottle consistency
    • Sidel Matrix Ecoven - allows wider process windows with great heating capability and reduced power requirements
    • Improved ventilation - better heating regulation and temperature gradient within preform walls
    • Electrical stretching - high bottle quality, robust construction and greater process flexibility
    • AirEco2 air recovery - reduced energy consumption through two air-recirculation phases
    • New automation architecture - four distributed processors (preform feeder, oven, blow wheel, Human Machine Interface), allow for faster automation, resulting in more reactive and qualitative blowing process

  • Improved performances


    In addition to improved efficiency over that of standalone machines (an increase of up to 4%), and reduced operating costs (up to 12%), the Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 offers performance improvements through innovative blowing and filling technologies:

    • Responsive, accurate eHR blowing process - mould temperatures increase 3x faster, resulting in correct temperature levels from the very beginning of production
    • Set-point temperature easily reached - probes located directly within each mould shell regulate temperature during bottle formation
    • Uniform thermal conditioning for all bottles ensures consistent performance
    • Latest generation of Sidel Matrix blowing valve - control of blowing curve, and consistent blowing process at up to 2,000 bottles per hour per mould, combined with mechanical blow nozzle system, electrical stretching and automation
    • Electronic filling valves - individual flow meters for high-accuracy volume dispensing, with minimal product waste
    • Fill monitoring - fluid speed in the filling valves is monitored during cleaning, while keeping temperature under control in each filling valve

  • Hygienic production for total beverage safety


    Throughout the entire packaging process, the Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 ensures complete product safety through hygienic design:


    • Single enclosure - ensures controlled production environment, maximising hygiene and food safety
    • Electrical stretching - no risk of contamination, and no need for lubrication above bottle neck
    • Lubricated for life component - eliminates the need for greasing operations, simplifying maintenance
    • Air filtration of Ecoven ventilation
    • Mould insulation - separation from mould supports eliminates thermal transfer to nearby machine components, ensuring safer operator interaction
    • Reduced filler enclosure - up to 80% less space compared to traditional solutions, controlled by pressurised filtered air (HEPA filters)
    • All components in contact with product made from stainless steel
    • Contactless filling valves, with no vertical movement of bottles
    • Product circuit equipped entirely with sanitary valves for easier cleaning
    • Self-draining surfaces and CIP automatic dummy bottles

  • Cost efficient and sustainable production

    The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 offers great savings potential in terms of raw materials, electricity, air consumption and chemical usage.



    • Attractive lightweighting opportunities - no intermediary conveying for empty bottles, with bottle neck handling
    • Up to 45% reduction in electricity consumption - electrical mould heating reduces temperature variation and heat loss compared with traditional oil-based heating
    • Additional reduction of 25% in electricity consumption during blowing process with Sidel Matrix Ecoven's infra-red ceramic lamps, instead of metal reflectors
    • Reduced electrical consumption with servomotors
    • Up to 45% reduction in air consumption - production output of 1,800 bottles per hour per mould with AirEco2 option
    • Smaller footprint - reduced chemical usage during external cleaning of smaller filling enclosure

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Range overview
Production output* Blowing stations Filling valves Capping heads
20,000 10 40 10
32,000 16 60 15
52,000 26 90 30
*bottles per hour for 500 ml bottle