Sidel Combi SF100

Sidel Combi SF100

Boosting hygiene and speed with an integrated solution

The Sidel Combi SF100 combines blow moulding, filling and capping into a single integrated solution for water and still or pulpy beverages with preservatives.


Sidel Combi SF100 for:




The Combi SF100 incorporates the strongest features of modular Sidel MatrixTM blowing and SF100 FM filling technologies with the advantages of an integrated configuration for fast, safe filling of water or sensitive beverages in lightweight PET packaging.


By combining several equipment types and production phases into one system, your line's efficiency is improved for a lower TCO. The Sidel Combi SF100 also includes:

  • A single Human-Machine Interface
  • Single-report and single-recipe management, with archived traceability
  • Automated operation, with combined blowing and filling architecture
  • Standardised operating procedures for lubrication, cleaning and audits
  • Aligned maintenance plans for entire system
  • Benefits of the Sidel Combi SF100

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  • Efficient and cost-effective


    A Combi offers higher performance through fewer machines, improving production efficiency by up to 4% and reducing total cost of operation by up to 12%.

    • Compact and ergonomic, with only one operator
    • Optimised line layout with no empty bottle storage, handling, accumulation or rinsing
    • Significant lightweighting opportunities through bottle neck handling and elimination of intermediary conveying 

  • Enhanced hygiene


    By combining blowing, filling and capping within a single enclosure, the Combi optimises hygiene and food safety.

    • Contact-free filling, with all parts in contact with beverage made from stainless steel AISI 316L
    • Automatic dummy bottles available, with insertion and removal available for automated CIP
    • Optional reduced filler enclosure strengthens food safety and reduces usage of chemical agents and water during external cleaning.

  • Sustainable production


    The Combi SF100 offers great savings potential with regard to raw materials, electricity, air consumption and chemical usage.

    • 45% reduction in electricity consumption during blowing with Matrix Ecoven's infrared ceramic lamps
    • Servomotors improve electrical efficiency
    • Up to 35 % reduction in compressed air consumption with AirEco2 option
    • Smaller filler enclosure reduces footprint and chemical usage during external cleaning
    • Integrated Cleaning System optimises space, resulting in quicker cleaning, less CIP agent usage and reduced resource consumption

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Bottles sizes Production output
From 0.1 L to 3.5 L 12,000 - 81,000 bph