Achieve reliable and efficient aseptic production

The Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill is based on our proven blowing and aseptic filling technologies, integrated into a single enclosure with traditional wet bottle decontamination to ensure beverage integrity through the supply chain.


Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill for all liquid types:




This Combi solution utilises wet bottle decontamination technology within the smallest footprint possible, achieving a high level of decontamination while ensuring total bottle sterility and microbiological safety.


  • The benefits of Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill

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  • Reliable bottle decontamination


    With traditional wet bottle decontamination technology, this aseptic Combi offers reliable decontamination:

    • IMG_300x250px_5Multi-wheel system - combines mechanical, thermal and chemical action for internal and external bottle decontamination
    • Perfect decontamination of all bottle surfaces - treatment's high pressure, temperature and repetition ensure consistently reliable results
    • Residue-free - high-pressure sterile water pulses eliminate all chemicals from bottle before filling
    • Total package sterility - full decontamination of bottle and caps

  • Safe production


    Integrated into a single closed production environment, the Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill ensures total food safety and product integrity:

    • Total package and beverage protection through integrated blow-fill-cap configuration, with no intermediate bottle conveying
    • Bottle and cap decontamination up to Log 6
    • Chemical residue in filled and capped bottle ≤ 0.5 ppm
    • Hygienic and accurate - membrane-free magnetic filling valve, with flow meter control
    • Beverage remains safe in case of extended or emergency stop
    • Safe capping with mechanical or brushless capper

  • Easy operation


    The Combi Sensofill ensures production simplicity by integrating all functions into a single enclosure:

    • Ergonomic equipment - single-operator management
    • Maximum operator safety - working area outside of closed equipment environment
    • Optimised line layout - smaller footprint compared to standalone setups

  • High-performance production


    Based on Sidel's latest technologies, this Combi continually maximises production uptime: 

    • IMG_300x250px_495% efficiency with positive bottle neck handling between blowing and filling
    • Up to 2,400 bottles per hour per mould
    • Dual-speed filling - simple, streamlined filling circuit for recipe optimisation
    • Precise and accurate filling with magnetic filling valve
    • Maximum continuous production time of 165 hours
    • Reduced downtime - 3-hour cleaning and sterilisation cycle between productions
    • Quick changeovers for bottles and caps
    • Versatile production - same valve fills milk, juice and tea
    • Handles any bottle shape, round or square 

  • Cost-efficient and sustainable


    The Combi's single enclosure allows for more cost-efficient and sustainable production:

    • Optimised lightweighting compared to other bottle decontamination technologies
    • Up to 45 % reduction in oven's electrical consumption with fewer heating modules and lamps
    • Reduced physical footprint without air conveyor

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