Combi: Blowing-filling-capping system

Our Combi combines all three processes in one

Sidel was the first company to introduce the Combi concept to the industry. This is a competitive alternative to traditional lines that adds value to the complete packaging line. Suitable for all liquids packaged in PET, our Combi systems combine blow moulding, filling and capping in a single integrated system. By eliminating conveying, empty bottle handling, accumulation and storage, Combis optimise your line layout with a smaller footprint.


In addition, Combis are designed to increase packaging hygiene and ensure food safety - the single Combi enclosure as well as different hygiene options keep hygiene under control. It can even be further improved when a Combi system is configured with Predis™ or Capdis™ for caps, Sidel's unique dry preform decontamination technology. The circuit and machine surface cleaning and sanitation levels are adapted to the end products' requirements.


Combi systems offer first-class performance with efficiency levels that are 2-4% higher than standalone machines. They can also reduce operating costs by 8-12% thanks to the use of fewer machines, faster format changeovers, lower energy consumption and savings in labour, raw materials and spare parts. These compact and ergonomic machines also enable greater freedom of shape and lightweighting potential.