Sidel Matrix Blower


High performance with perfect compatibility

As well as offering 200 possible configurations to precisely fit your production needs, Sidel Matrix blowers reduce your energy and material consumption as well as downtime.


Sidel Matrix for all liquid types:




Sidel Matrix ovenThe Sidel Matrix™ blower is a modular blow moulding system which challenges PET production conventions. It delivers the fastest changeover time, lowest environmental footprint, highest oven efficiency, and greatest uptime on the market, offering clients the best total cost of ownership (TCO) possible.





  • Benefits of Sidel Matrix blowers

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  • Consistency across multiple configurations

    Sidel Matrix™ blow moulding machines offer the flexibility to pick and choose a size and shape that best fit your specific needs.

    • Up to 200 possible blower configurations
    • Broad bottle sizes range from 0.1 litre to 3.5 litres: three sizes of blowing stations
    • Endless distinctive bottle shapes possible

  • Top bottle quality

    Whatever the configuration of the Sidel Matrix™ blower, customers benefit from top consistent bottle quality:

    • A large process window allows a good processing 
    • The quality control of material distribution is improved as the machine is equipped with electrical stretching
    • Safe packaging with the optional Intelliblower™ system: bottle process deviations can be automatically detected and eliminated

  • Fast production

    Alongside improving machine speed, the Sidel Matrix™ blower offers the best uptime on the market with a production output up to 2,400 bottles per mould per hour:

    • Up to 98% production efficiency
    • A scrap rate of under 0.1%
    • Automatic changeovers in less than 15 minutes bottle to bottle (on a 24-cavity machine with one operator)

  • Reduced electricity and air consumption

    The Sidel Matrix™ blower offers the best oven efficiency on the market with the Ecoven technology. Moreover, the air consumption is also reduced.

    • Oven electrical consumption cut by up to 45%, requiring fewer heating modules and lamps
    • Reduced preform heating time, using the installed power more efficiently
    • Compressed air savings up to 30%

  • Intelliblower™ makes every batch a winner

    Sidel Matrix™ blowers create the very highest PET bottle quality and performance.  The Intelliblower™ is leading the way in blow moulding performance with its unique, patented blowing process control and self-regulation that allows precisely the desired brand appearance on shelves.


    • Sidel Matrics IMMIt automatically detects and eliminates bottle process deviations and reduces scrap
    • Strong impact on production uniformity and packaging quality: control of the pre-blow phase parameters instead of just focusing on heating regulation
    • Very responsive management way by using a decentralized and more reactive automation: only five consecutive bottles are produced at the blowing station before the correction is validated
    • Available as an option with Sidel Matrix blow-moulders

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Find the blowing output rate that matches your production needs

Bottle sizes 0.1 - 3.5 litres
Bottles sizes Production output
(bottles per hour)*
Sidel Matrix blowers
From 0.1 to 0.75 litres 52,800 - 81,600 From SBO 22 to SBO 34
From 0.1 to 2 litres 23,000 - 64,400 From SBO 10 to SBO 28
From 0.1 to 3.5 litres 13,500 - 63,000 From SBO 6 to SBO 28
*bottles per hour - Maximum mechanical output rate, with a speed up kit, according to the bottle's features


"We needed technology that could give us great production flexibility alongside energy savings and the Sidel Matrix blowing technology has shown it can deliver on both fronts." SPAIPA, Brazil