Sidel Universaleco PH

SBO Universal PH

Optimal quality for complex bottles

The optimal material distribution for your flat or asymmetrical bottle production is more attainable than ever with the SBO Universal PH blow moulder range.


SBO Universal PH for your liquid types


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It's fair to say that Sidel technology and expertise are unmatched in the field of PET complex shapes and flat bottle production. The SBO Universal PH blow moulders enable optimum material distribution, which enhances both bottle quality and bottle production costs.



  • Benefits of SBO Universal PH blowers

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  • Consistent quality with Preferential Heating

    With complex or asymmetrical bottles, uniform heating and multi-directional material distribution during bi-orientation just isn't possible with standard blow moulding processes: the bottle suffers from over-thickness on the longer sides of bottle. That is why the customised Preferential Heating profile is required for containers where the ratio between the large and small sides is greater than 2.

    • Enables high quality flat bottles, flat containers and flat packaging
    • Precise preform expansion within the cavity is ensured by selective heating with a series of reflecting and non-reflecting zones on the reflectors positioned opposite to the infrared lamps in the oven
    • Constant preform rotation ensures the repeatability of the differentiated heating profile
    • Angular positioning of the preform is controlled throughout transfer, with mechanical orientation in the oven and perfect preform positioning in the mould
    • Optimum material distribution ensures there are no areas of over-thickness as well as easier labelling, optimised bottle weights and a wide choice of preforms

  • Proven to perform

    Almost 300 Preferential Heating blow moulders are already in production around the world in a wide range of applications including technically complex packaging for alcoholic beverages, sauces and condiments, household products, as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

    Reliable and robust, Sidel's rotary blow moulders help ensure optimal productivity:

    • High efficiency: the pivoting transfer arms and the controlled grips ensure reliable transfers
    • Features inter-changeable vented reflectors (Preferential Heating) and standard reflectors, along with pivoting transfer arms that can be exchanged with standard arms

  • Top quality in any complexity

    Material distribution is particularly challenging with complex shaped or flat bottles.  Sidel's expertise in designing highly technical packages allows us to define the perfect package for your product. SBO Universal2 PH blow moulders enable the optimal blowing process and the top bottle quality.  

    • Optimised PH heating process with selective heating zones
    • Optimised material distribution, the individual lamp parameters are adjustable, the electrical cabinets can be managed independently
    • No heating-related neck deformation due to neck-down heating technology and independent mechanical adjustment of the cooling ramps in the oven along with a bell nozzle for neck protection during the blow moulding phase

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Find the blowing output rate that matches your production needs

For bottles 0.2 - 2 litres
Output rates
(up to, in bph)*
8,400 11,200 14,000 16,800 19,600 22,400 25,200 28,000
*bottles per hour - Maximum mechanical output rate, according to the bottle's features
Technical Data
Oven pitch 50 mm
Maximum neck diameter 48.5 mm
Maximum neck height 35 mm
Maximum bottle diameter 115 mm
Maximum bottle height under neck 340 mm
Neck indexation option Available


Discover why preferential heating was the best choice for Berry Plastics to get the quality they needed to produce extreme oval bottles for liquor flasks and salad dressing.


"Berry Plastics turned to Sidel to invest in two SBO 10 Preferential Heating machines for two reasons: the platform allows this high output machine to produce low cost products for our customers and to run multiple items on a single machine with little downtime." BERRY PLASTICS, USA