Safe and easy operations for maximum production uptime

This patented technology ensures operators’ safety, easier operations and optimal production efficiency by significantly reducing the footprint and the height for preform infeed.


Sidel EasyFEED for all liquid types:





Sidel EasyFEED™ is an innovative, compact and safe ground-level preform feeder for PET production lines. Based on the Sidel Matrix™ standard architecture, it features a modular approach to preform feeder design. Its compact design prioritises safety, user-friendliness, maximised production uptime and product quality. It is suitable for all Sidel SBO Matrix and SBO Universal™ blowing machines, Combi solutions and Super Combi, either new or installed.



  • Benefits of Sidel EasyFEED

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  • How it works

  • Safe and easy to operate

    The quick and easy access of EasyFEED makes control, changeovers and maintenance operations much simpler:

    • Ground-level installation for improved visibility, accessibility, intervention and operation safety
    • Easy implementation in the workshop , irrespective of space constraints: reduction of footprint up to 62% and reduction of height up to 56% compared to traditional preform infeed systems
    • The Human Machine Interface (HMI) ensures truly intuitive navigation with quick setting points and immediate response time

  • Preform integrity

    Gentle preform handling from hopper to oven is essential for the customer's final bottle quality:

    • Shortened preform path (up to 27% less) results in fewer damaged preforms
    • The preforms are fully protected from dust all along their path to ensure hygienic production
    • Very low preform fall and limited recycling loop for increased preform integrity
    • Once vertically positionned, the preforms are supported by the neck flange
    • Smooth contact of motorised brushes on preforms

  • Maximum uptime and flexibility

    The unique EasyFEED is optimal for high output speeds from 30,000 to 82,000 bottles per hour, yet fits a wide range of production specifications in terms of preform design and layout:

    • Above 99% production efficiency
    • Very fast changeovers in less than 15 minutes
    • Minimum maintenance and fewer skills required
    • Fast and efficient ramp-up after changeovers and maintenance
    • Custom-fit to production site into clockwise or inclined layout

  • Patented technology without rollers

    EasyFEED is a patented technology that requires no rollers:

    • Preforms are lifted by an elevator column to a height of only 2.5 meters
    • Preforms are sorted and vertically driven into the bowl of a rotary unscrambler, transferred by their neck along the path
    • Instead of traditional gravimetric infeed rails, preforms are moved onto a rail by a filtered airflow and driven by two motorised, food-grade brush belts up to the infeed blowing wheel

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