Blowing machines for water

Across the globe, water represents a constantly developing beverage. The growing population is increasingly able to access and afford bottled water, and consumer trends are evolving all the time, both locally and worldwide. With that come many challenges for water producers, as well as many opportunities.


Choose the most suitable blower machine for water bottles according to size and capacity: 


For water bottles
Bottle size and output rates 0.1 - 3 litres
22,500 - 54,000 bph
Blower type Sidel Matrix Blower
*bottles per hour - Maximum mechanical output rate, with a speed up kit, according to the bottle's features







As well as offering 200 possible configurations to precisely fit your production needs, Sidel Matrix blowers reduce your energy and material consumption as well as downtime.

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Sidel has driven this amazing material's transformation into a flexible packaging solution that offers huge benefits through environmental friendliness, and economically through energy and water efficiency savings. Our three decades of work with PET has also fine-tuned its production reliability, productivity and package quality benefits.